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Yogi’s theory of earth 027

Maitreya Bodhisattva in Volume 27 of the yogi’s treatise on the land said that the second Yoga place in the local part, translated by monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty, is “what is the origin of nature”: it means that in the three generations, there is only practice, only Dharma, only thing, only cause and only result, falling right, and that it means observing and treating truth, action truth, proof truth and Dharma truth.

Only dharmas can be introduced into Dharma, and there is no author or recipient, It is the origin of fame.

In this way, the meaning of the work is only, the crazy behavior is increased, and the supplementary tegaro is added.

All the crazy behaviors are meager, and the heart is pure in all the crazy behaviors.

It is the origin of fame.

The difference between the cloud and the world is called the difference between the Six Worlds: one, the earth, two, the water, three, the fire, four, the wind, five, the space, and six, the knowledge.

Where is the cloud? There are two boundaries: one, inside, two, outside.

Those in the mainland: it means that there are other strong and hard photos in the body, photos taken by the ground and the ground, and personal attachment and acceptance.

Those outside the field: it means that they are photographed by external firmness and hardness, and photographed by the earth and the earth.

They are not attached or accepted.

What are the things in the inner boundary: hair, hair, claws, teeth, dust, skin, meat, bones, tendons, veins, liver, gallbladder, heart, lung, spleen, kidney, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, raw Tibet, cooked Tibet, fecal pollution, etc.

The boundary within the name.

What are the things in other areas: tiles, wood, blocks, gravel, trees, stones, mountains, rocks, etc.

Outside the name.

There are two water realms: one is inside, the other is outside.

Those in the inner water world: it means that the body is not wet, wet, water, water, and attached to and received.

What does it mean: tears, sweat, tears, saliva, fat, ointment, fat, marrow, hot phlegm, pus, blood, brain, membrane, urine, etc.

The inner water sector.

Outside the water world: it means that it is taken by external dampness and humidity, and taken by water and water.

It is not attached or accepted.

What does it mean: wells, springs, pools, marshes, ponds, lakes, rivers, seas, etc.

Outside the water world.

There are two fire realms: one is inside, the other is outside.

Those in the internal fire world: it means that the body is warm and warm, warm and warm, and attached to and held by.

What does it mean: all warmth in the body can make the body hot, equal heat and hot all over, which is caused by karma.

What you eat, drink, eat and taste is easy to change.

Therefore, the number of falling steam heat, such as.

The inner fire world.

External fire boundary: it means that it is taken by external temperature and warm heat, warm and warm, and is not attached or accepted.

What’s the cloud: it means to drill flint and cow dung in order to get its fire.

Since the fire has been born, it can burn cow dung, or grass, or salary, or hazel, or wild, or mountain, or Zhu, or village, village, city, city, country, country, or the rest, such as.

Outside the fire world.

There are two wind circles: one is inside, the other is outside.

Those in the inner wind world: it means that the inner wind, wind floating, light, dynamic, and personal attachment.

What does it mean: in the inner body, there are upward wind, downward wind, flank wind, ridge wind, waist wind, tummy wind, small knife wind, big knife wind, acupuncture wind, Bi BOLUO wind, income and income wind, branch following wind, etc.

The inner circle.

Outside the wind world: it refers to the nature of the outside wind, taken by the wind, light and dynamic, non attachment and non attachment.

What does it mean: outside the body, there are east wind, west wind, south wind, north wind, dust wind, dust free wind, narrow wind, wide wind, vishva wind, yelanpo wind and wind wheel wind.

Sometimes the wind blows and accumulates, breaking trees, decaying walls, collapsing mountains and seas.

Since the drum has floated, there is nothing to rely on, and it will naturally rest.

If all those who desire the wind move their clothes, shake the fan, and multi Luo palm, such as this.

Outside the wind world.

Cloud what empty boundary: it means eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, etc., all holes.

Swallow here.

Since swallowing, the hole will leak, such as.

Say empty world.

What is the world of knowledge: it means eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and consciousness, and there are three differences: heart, meaning and knowledge.

It’s an intellectual world.

If you slow down to make up for tegaro, you will have different meanings in the world, so that you can separate from one thought in the body and get unclean thought.

No more exalted, kausha slow and meager, in all slow lines, the heart is pure.

It’s called slow motion complement tegaro, which is caused by boundary difference and net movement.

Yunhe annabona thought’s fate: it is called the fate, income and output thought, which is called annabona thought.

This thought’s fate, income and output, etc., is called annabona thought’s fate.

When you know that there are two incomes, how two are: one, income, two, middle income.

There are two kinds of promise, how two are: one, promise, two, promise in the middle.

Income: it means that there is no time for breath, the wind turns in the inner door, and even the navel.

Intermediate income: it means that the income has been extinguished and even the output has not been born.

In the middle, it is at the rest, which is temporarily similar to the micro wind.

It’s a middle income.

Such as income, intermediate income, income and intermediate income.

The difference is that there is no gap in income, and the wind turns at the outer door, starting from the navel and even the face door, or to the nose, or back out.

There are two causes for income and output: one is traction, and the other is the hole in the navel, or all the holes in the upper body.

There are two bases for income and output.

How two are: one, body, two, heart.

Therefore, he: according to the body and mind, income and income should be changed as it should be.

If you only turn according to your body; When you enter the non thought, enter the extinction, and live the non thought heaven, all sentient beings should turn.

If only according to the heart; When you enter the colorless and colorless boundary, your breath should turn.

If it only depends on body and mind, it is not what it should be; Into the fourth meditation, if you are born in those sentient beings, and those sentient beings such as the tan closed corpse in the Department of jieluo blue repression, that breath should turn, but that doesn’t turn.

Therefore, we should know to turn in and out according to body and mind, as we should.

There are two types of income and output, how two are: one, income goes down.

Both, promising upward.

There are two kinds of income and income, how two are: first, thick holes, and second, fine holes.

Yunhe coarse hole: it refers to the hole from the navel, even the face door and nose door; Complex from the face door, nose door, and even the navel hole.

Cloud he fine hole: it refers to all pores in the body.

There are four different names of income and output.

How four are: one wind, two anabona, three income and output, and four body actions.

One wind name is the common name of the wind, and the other three are not the common name.

There are two problems for those who practice into and out of life: one is too slow and convenient, and the other is too urgent and convenient.

Because it is too slow and convenient, it produces slack, or haunts his heart for squeegee sleep, or makes his heart scattered outside.

Because it is too urgent and convenient, it may cause inequality in his body or inequality in his heart.

The cloud why makes the body produce inequality: it means that the strong force holds the income and output, and the income and output are held by the force, so it makes the uneven wind turn in the body.

Thus, at the beginning, all branches and sections were born and fought, and the name could be fought.

If the wind grows in this war, diseases can occur.

It is because of fate that diseases occur in various branches and nodes.

It’s a name that makes people unequal.

Why does the cloud make the heart produce inequality: it means that it either makes the heart produce chaos, or is forced to cut for extreme worry and anger.

It’s a name that makes me feel unequal.

In this anabona thought, we should know that there are five kinds of practice, how five are: first, arithmetic practice, second, understanding into various Yun practices, third, understanding into the origin of practice, fourth, understanding into the holy essence of practice, and fifth and sixteenth practice.

Cloud what is the name of arithmetic practice: it means there are four kinds of arithmetic practice.

How four are: one counts with one, two counts with two, three counts with one, four counts with the other.

Cloud why one counts as one: that is, if you live by the edge when you earn, the number is one.

If the income goes out, the income goes out.

When the income goes out, the number is the second.

If the number of revolutions is extended to ten, the calculation is not slightly broad, so it is only ten.

A name counts as one.

Why does cloud two count as one: that is, if the income is extinguished and the output is born, then the total number is one, that is, from such an arithmetic principle to its ten.

It’s a name that counts two as one.

It is said that income and income are called two.

They sum up two kinds, and the number is one.

Therefore, the name takes two as one..

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