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A set of decompression Yoga sequence, suitable for women aged 40-50, can practice at home!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! For many busy office women or Baoma who takes care of children at home full-time, there will be a lot of “heart fatigue” you don’t expect! What should I do when this kind of heart fatigue can’t be eliminated? Practice yoga! According to the survey, 10 minutes of yoga meditation and breathing adjustment can effectively alleviate brain fatigue and anxiety.

While taking care of family and work, in addition to being kind to your body, don’t forget to reduce pressure on your heart! Today’s 8 asanas are very simple, but the decompression effect is very good.

If you are very busy in your work and life every day, try this 15 minute decompression yoga! 01.

Sit simply, adjust your breath, sit simply, keep your spine extended, keep your back straight, form lotus fingerprints with your hands, and stay for 3-5 minutes.


Cat cow type, hold your hands on the ground, kneel on your knees, enter cat cow type to inhale, move your pelvis forward, extend your spine one by one, exhale, roll your tailbone, and practice dynamically 12-15 times with your back arched up one by one.

Pay attention to slow down 03.

Sit up and twist your spine to return to simple sitting, inhale, Exhale from the sciatic bone downward, tighten the core, twist to the left, stay for 10-12 breaths, change to the other side 04.

Stretch the sitting side to keep simple sitting, inhale, exhale from the sciatic bone downward, tighten the core, land on the left hand, straighten the right hand upward, bend to the left side, stay for 8-10 breaths, change to the other side 05.

Sit and stand around the spine, keep simple sitting position, and inhale with both hands on the knees, Keep the sitting bones downward and exhale, tighten the core, rotate the spine clockwise for 10-12 circles, and then rotate counterclockwise.


Sit up and lift the arms to maintain a simple sitting position, inhale the sitting bones downward, straighten the hands upward, extend and exhale the spine, relax the shoulders, sink the shoulder blades and stay for 8-10 breaths.


Strengthen the strength behind the neck, maintain a simple sitting position, inhale and exhale slightly under the jaw, Feel the back of the cervical spine push back, stay for 8-10 breaths, and slowly restore 08.

Support the baby kneeling on both knees, separate the same width as the shoulder, put a yoga pillow in front of the body to exhale, bend forward and support the pillow on both shoulders to relax, and stay for 3-5 minutes.

Even if you are busy with life and work, don’t forget to add some yoga flavor to your life! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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