Founder of body and mind shaping Yoga – qiufan tutor

One foot on earth, one foot in heaven, the skills of red dust + spiritual wisdom, body and mind shaping yoga, the founder of everyone, is a trinity of body, mind and soul.

The true power of healing comes from combining spiritual, psychological and physical work.

One foot in the world, one foot in heaven, the skills of the world of mortals + spiritual wisdom!           Qiu fan’s mentor Jing Hui is determined and can turn himself into a flawless mirror to reflect others, so that everyone can see their own direction and their own future.

She integrates all her life’s learning, integrates the shaping methods of the East and the West in a unique and comprehensive way, and creatively develops a unique system: body mind integration, shaping, healing and growth system, three systems and six plates.

Teaching is easy, humorous and easy to understand, which is also the main factor for her to establish a good reputation over the years, helping people heal wounds, reshape themselves and achieve internal growth!      Tutor qiufan has rich teaching experience and keen intuition.

Over the years, her extensive interest and continuous exploration and learning have made her deeply aware of the advantages and disadvantages of various yoga healing schools and skills, and can use simple and direct methods to convey the insights and powerful practice methods of different spiritual traditions, so as to flexibly apply these spiritual teachings and methods to different people.

It’s amazing to be able to understand and find a person’s crux in a short time.

Through one-on-one spiritual integration therapy, he has led various theme salons, workshops and courses such as yoga, diet therapy, aromatherapy, ode to bowl, nengduan King Kong Reading Club and meditation, handled hundreds of cases of depression, anxiety, depression and suicide, assisted and helped many people who face life bottlenecks, losses and setbacks to move towards the light, and also helped parents, children, families Career and other friends have found solutions and skills to help visitors and students start the journey of self-awareness, heal the wounds of the past, establish future goals, reconnect with internal love and strength, return to a calm, confident and happy life, and achieve the unity of body and mind.

  The elegant and intelligent qiufan tutor is outstanding in the field of body and mind shaping yoga training.

Through his own efforts, he has won many honors! Many people marvel at the achievements of Qiu fan and praise him highly.

However, they don’t know the hardships behind his success.

If you understand the growth history of Qiu fan, I believe you will sigh that this is really a woman’s fighting Epic! Everyone can come together to be more wonderful..

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