Plump yoga pants with “meat” are beautiful, casual, beautiful, timely and charming

Plump yoga pants with “meat” are beautiful, casual, beautiful, timely and charming.

Collocation as like as two peas, collocation is always a form of beauty.

It is hard to avoid being tired of beauty for a long time.

Because there are no wonderful details, some are even identical.

The way to make your collocation different becomes the most favorite match.

Cool and pleasant yoga pants can be matched with high collar sweaters with thin top and thick bottom in summer.

The lower body is matched with white leather pants to look casual and handsome.

It can also set off less slender legs.

However, the color of high collar sweaters should be darker, dark blue or dark green.

This will be more personalized.

If the figure is small, it can be matched with some loose flared sleeve shirts, which can also show a wide feeling.

The shirt with flared sleeves can also be lengthened if it is matched with the bottom coat of the same color system.

If you want to take the lady route, you can match it with a suspender skirt and thin high heels, which can be very beautiful.

If you want to be a lady, choose the chiffon shirt skirt which is very popular this year, and match it with a medium sleeve T-shirt, which is very fresh, very sweet and temperament.

Yoga pants are more versatile with jeans.

They are matched with some single color tops on them and loose knitted suits on the lower body, which looks more fashionable.

If you want to try some more retro literary style, you can match it with some high-collar knitted tops and thin high-heeled shoes.

It feels more elegant and retro and has a strong holiday atmosphere.

There is also a slightly loose one line collar jacket with a short skirt, or high heels.

It is more elegant.

The lower body is matched with a medium long Hip Wrap Skirt, which is more dignified and sets off a very tall figure.

If you want to match the short skirt with wide on both sides and narrow in the middle, my suggestion is to decorate the middle of the short skirt with a white bottomed shirt.

Pay attention to the contrast.

I think if the skirt is short, the legs will be short with high heels.

If the length of the skirt is not too long, the large T-shirt can be matched.

The skirt and T-shirt look very casual, or the shirt will look dignified and steady.

If you want to follow the intellectual style, the most recommended collocation is shirt and skirt.

Choosing some collocations with high horsetail and low horsetail, or high and high ball heads can achieve better results.

Compared with the popular skirt with lantern sleeves in recent years, the top with yoga pants with lantern sleeves can be slightly opened at the neckline, which will better modify the shoulder and neck lines and expose the neck, which will be thinner.

Black turtleneck with dark blue thin knitted vest, or white Lantern Sleeve suspender vest is also very beautiful.

Broken flower yoga pants are also a good match.

The color is relatively fresh.

It is beautiful to match with white knitted jacket, white medium length sweater or white half length vest.

If it’s colder, you can also match it with a coat, which will look more temperament.

Recently, a particularly popular gauze skirt with Martin boots.

A loose coat with Martin boots is more casual and more energetic.

It’s good in summer.

If you wear more skirts, it won’t be so hot…

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