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Simple yoga pants look clean and wide. Different styles attract attention

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                     There are many types of yoga pants.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce some of the simplest and most easy to wear yoga pants.

Short coat + skirt has very low requirements for body, and can make full use of the lower body, which is the most way to reduce the age of the upper body.

The following two styles are matched with short coats.

Black and white are very suitable.

We can try whether they are short or short.

If you want to wear a short coat with a cool and thin effect, first of all, the overall outside should be more slim, so as to outline the upper body.

Therefore, even if it is a short coat, the best way to match it is to insert it into the skirt.

The black short coat looks very good.

In addition to the pants or coat stuffed into the skirt, if the lower body is not covered, you can try to add bags and other ornaments.

Short coat + wide leg pants is a long skirt that covers the flesh very much.

Most girls who are fat in the upper body or not slim should not care about this style, but Xiaobian suggests to think carefully about the girls who care about the figure.

The matching method with the short coat is the same.

The high waist and wide leg pants not only cover their thick legs, but also cover their meat very much.

If a girl who likes jeans can also match with the cowboy short coat to show the thin effect.

This method tests your appearance and temperament in the overall collocation.

It is suggested that fresh colors and patterns with a little sense of design will make you easy to attract people’s attention.

Blue Strapless with milk tea color wide leg pants like this will have a sense of design, so it will have the effect of a little high-heeled shoes.

This way of wearing is really thin and high.

Whether it is a girl with fat upper body or fat lower body, this kind of wearing is very thin and high.

If you are not particularly picky about color, you can also choose light color, which will be very fresh.

Especially suitable for winter, it will soon become a fashion.

You can also match it with a short coat.

Choose a dark or white sweater inside, which is very warm and comfortable.

White V-Neck knitted cardigan and black wide leg pants are very thin, but the single wearing effect is not as good as all lower body matching.

You can choose a scarf or shawl to improve the overall visual effect.

This collocation can not only increase the visual proportion of the legs, but also play the role of wind protection, with first-class warmth preservation effect…

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