The wearing demonstration of yoga pants can become the focus everywhere, simple and fashionable

The wearing demonstration of yoga pants can become the focus everywhere, simple and fashionable.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a troublesome topic.

Especially in winter, yoga pants have their own thermal properties.

It goes without saying that they have a thermal effect, but do they look good with the same warm woolen coat? So how should I wear yoga pants in winter? This involves our key concerns.

The topic of matching wool yoga pants, down yoga pants and woolen overcoats has always been a maddening problem.

Wool yoga pants and cotton linen woolen overcoats don’t match at all.

They are not in the same style.

They really don’t want to see.

After all, they are dragged by my mother to go shopping many times.

They wear woolen overcoats every time, So friends who don’t match will be taken away by mom directly.

However, at present, it is more appropriate to match the natural knitted skirt with the winter yoga pants in the market.

In particular, the winter yoga pants are basically equipped with a single coat, so the woolen coat is very suitable at this time.

However, the winter coat is generally a large lapel knitted coat, and the knitted coat must be supplemented by a woolen skirt, It looks better to keep warm.

Did you also choose a good color matching for everyone? So today I will recommend a complete matching scheme.

I hope this matching scheme will give you a reference.

The combination of black knitted yoga pants + gray down coat + black dark green bread spliced yoga pants is not only a very popular color matching, but also a very versatile color matching.

In addition, the black dark green bread spliced yoga pants are a very advanced style color, so this set of matching belongs to such a color matching, which has a high-grade feeling on the whole.

Therefore, we should grasp the style and style matching direction of woolen coats, so as to grasp the problem of matching yoga pants in winter, which will bring you satisfactory matching.

The combination of black knitted yoga pants + gray down coat + black cowboy Martin boots accounts for a small proportion in the whole set of collocation, but after such collocation, there is a visual high-level feeling, which is not limited by the style of ordinary windbreaker, but the overall feeling of windbreaker should not have such a great effect, and the highlight should be the fabric and color of windbreaker itself.

It can be seen everywhere on a treasure.

It’s time to learn about it.

Of course, in addition to the visual high-level sense, this collocation will also show the dual style of fashion and low-key.

It is a very popular collocation at present.

The combination of grey knitted yoga pants + white windbreaker + dark green long tweed coat + black brown jeans is also a very fashionable scheme.

The whole body collocation is solid color, which is a more versatile color collocation scheme.

However, in terms of thermal insulation effect, compared with the thermal insulation of grey knitted yoga pants and grey down yoga pants, There is no such warmth retention as knitted yoga pants.

The warmth retention property of knitted yoga pants in winter is really not as good as gray down yoga pants…

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