Tips for Yoga morning exercise (3 sets of simple morning exercise sequences attached)

Yoga is not on the way to yoga, or on the way to yoga.

Everyone knows that Yoga morning exercise is good, but it can’t become a good habit.

What should we do? Especially when the weather is getting colder and colder, I want to get up, but the quilt won’t let me! I’ll teach you some tricks today! ↓↓↓ set an appropriate early wake-up alarm “it’s not a dream that wakes me up every day, it’s Yoga!” prepare the clothes for morning exercise in advance.

“The clothes are ready, which gives you an extra reason to get out of bed!” continue the same early wake-up time “as long as 21 days, it’s hard to get out of bed if you want to form a physiological alarm clock!” my little secret: keep the alarm clock away from the head of the bed before going to bed! ” Prepare your pre exercise meal in advance “don’t eat too full! Even if it’s liquid, you’ll eat it at least half an hour ago.” find a morning exercise muscle friend “a little partner supervises each other, and the power is doubled and there are trees!” set a phased goal “dream or something, what if it comes true?” 3 sets of morning exercise Yoga sequences ↓↓↓ No   one   Set of basic sequence – Hatha sun salute, each action does not stop breathing, one round is calculated on the left and right, more than 12 rounds, the blue arrow indicates inhalation, and the red arrow indicates exhalation   two   Set of strength sequence – core strength practice if you want to practice strength slowly in the morning, it is a good choice (each action is dynamic, left → right, unilateral action, 30 seconds on each side)   three   Sleeve stretch sequence – Joints   Ligaments and muscles are opened, and the body is the most stiff in the morning.

Individuals are fully stretched and wake up (each is a dynamic action, left → right, unilateral action, 10 times on each side) – leave a message and win a prize-   Today’s topic: how long have you been doing morning exercises? How do you feel? Talk about your experience ~ welcome to leave a message.

Before 12:00 on October 24, we will select the most lucky fans from the selected messages and send out a pair of Yoga Pants (5 colors are optional) as shown in the figure below.

For those who have won the prize in the past, the prize will be automatically postponed to the next Jiayou ~ ▼ teacher wechat ▼ recently, Haowen Yoga people are watching it..

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