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Yellow shirt and purple Yoga Pants create an elegant and noble image

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          A little change in the matching details of yoga pants can play a complete overall color matching effect.

If your overall color is saturated and strong at once, a pair of blue yoga pants can not be saved.

Next, let’s tidy up some daily yoga pants with tips.

So many yoga pants with real questions, one question every day, you will be proficient in yoga pants after 8 days.

The color matching in the figure refers to summer matching.

Next, analyze the colors suitable for these two colors: for example, 1.

Matching camel + coffee or light brown.


Pair with grey + light blue.


Pair with grey + pink.

The color matching of the following two pictures is the matching characteristics obtained from studying fashion courses before.

OK, when we understand how to add different colors through color change, it’s easy to say the matching characteristics of the choice.

Today, it is especially aimed at the “tough guy” who wears light and thin clothes such as knitted fabrics or chiffon.

This color scheme is recommended for this kind of collocation.

Wheat has also been shared in other topics.

You can pay attention to it.

Next, let’s talk about the attention points of the collocation of the lower body.

Don’t choose pants that are too thin under the knee, and don’t choose skirts that are too shallow.

Those with slightly thinner legs can be matched with chiffon skirts that cover the legs.

Girls who are a little fatter can choose long skirts that cover the meat and show high and thin.

Let’s give you examples of skirts suitable for our golden ratio: 1.

Expose your ankles 2.

Choose straight Yoga Pants 3.

Expose half of your ankles.

You can see from the above figure that skirts that can give people height and thin will match our golden ratio very well.

Of course, what suits you is the best.

Next, some reference schemes are introduced.


Straight yoga pants are a simple way to create a golden ratio.

Straight yoga pants can make our legs look very slender and don’t close our waist too much.


If the skirt is thicker, you can choose pleated clothes with pleats on the sleeves, which is simpler and more effective.


Loosen the collar a little and choose the style of V collar.


Exposed arms and fingers droop naturally.

We should understand that there is no most suitable scheme, only the most suitable scheme.

Sometimes you can change the scheme, but you can’t choose the one that suits you.

Another problem that is easy to ignore is that the material is not easy to be too rough, otherwise it will set off our facial features more spiritually.

Let’s introduce some details and matching methods.

You can choose to wear other clothes.

For example, here are two.


Horse face skirt, you can change the two buttons inside into three buttons.


If the color is too rich, a pair of suitable socks can also be matched into beautiful yoga pants.

Besides color, where is the focus of color matching.

This kind of horse face skirt can be matched with white and light yellow shoes.

The color is too saturated, which is not very good and looks very eye-catching.

Next, let’s talk about the key point: that is, how to add elements to the details to make a contrast with the upper body when wearing a pair of yoga pants that look more casual.

For example, put one button in the darker part of the middle of the skirt and two buttons in the lighter part.

Don’t tie all the buttons directly.

The thicker the color, the more unpopular and uninspiring it is.

Try this with a pair of yoga pants, the effect will be different.

Here are some examples.


Casually fastened two buttons…

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