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Yoga music | Namaste, we are all passers-by

Namastesate is selected from shivoham’s album Shanti mantras (the spell of peace).

Namaste, this is a greeting from India that many spiritual practitioners are very familiar with.

Namaste [Na Ma ste] is composed of several Indian sounds: “Nama” means bow, “as” means me, “Te” means you.

Therefore, Namaste means “you and I bow to each other” or “I bow to you”.

Namaste, in short, is to tell each other: “you are love, abundance and peace; I am also love, abundance and peace.” because of this, the world of love, abundance and peace is presented.

At the end of yoga class, teachers and students will clap their hands and say Namaste to each other.

Namaste is respectful and grateful.

In other words, appreciation and gratitude.

Appreciation and gratitude is the best attitude towards life.

Always live in the beautiful people and things at present, constantly appreciate and appreciate people and everything, live a life connected with God, and live a life of love.

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