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Yoga open shoulder, this practice is the most effective!

Shoulder joint is the joint with the largest range of motion of the whole body, especially now people are sedentary, look up to the computer and look down to the mobile phone, which is most prone to chronic strain.

The light person has a hunchback with chest, shoulder and neck pain, which affects his personal temperament and image; Severe cases will lead to insomnia, scapulohumeral periarthritis and so on.

Therefore, shoulder opening is very important to protect your health.

In yoga practice, the importance of shoulder opening is self-evident.

Almost all asanas involve the practice of shoulder opening.

Therefore, when Jia people first practice yoga, the teacher will teach them how to open their shoulders? However, many Jiaren said, why did you open your shoulders after practicing for so long? Apart from personal physical conditions, it is important to practice in the right way.

Share a group of shoulder opening, relieve shoulder and back pain, adjust the yoga posture of round shoulder and hunchback, and open the shoulder.

This is the most effective way to practice! 1.

Supine practice: lay the brick vertically on the cushion surface, put the pillow horizontally under the chest, put the palms of both hands upward on both sides of the body, close your eyes and relax for 1 minute 2.

Lay the brick vertically on the cushion surface, put the other brick horizontally under the chest, raise your hands upward over your head, hug your elbows, close your eyes and keep for 1 minute 3.

Lie prone practice, Stack a towel on your forehead, keep your head high, keep the skin on the back of your neck extended, keep your arms on both sides of the body, thumb up, dynamic exercise 10 groups, keep your shoulder blades tightened 4, prone exercise, prone exercise, open your arms on both sides, thumb up, arm up, dynamic exercise 10 groups 5, prone exercise, extend your arms obliquely forward, thumb up, Palm relative dynamic exercise 10 groups 6, kneeling and standing exercise shoulder backward extension action, many people will ignore kneeling and standing, arms backward extension, palms with bricks, spine straight, chest open, exercise 5 groups 7, kneeling and lying exercise, which can well relieve the tension of pectoralis minor muscles, kneeling and standing, knees slightly wider than hips, body prone down, forehead and arms on the pillow for 1 minute 8, Practice against the wall.

Find a wall.

Stand in mountain style with feet the same width as your hips.

First bend your elbows 90 ° upward, then slowly straighten your arms upward and finally slowly downward.

Be sure to pay attention to the whole process.

Keep your arms close to the wall.

10 groups of dynamic exercises enjoy the healthy life of “shoulders”! ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼▼ select yoga products in the lower left corner of the recent good lessons and good things recommendation point..

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