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Yoga pants are full of vitality, give you the elegance you want, and have great temperament

Yoga pants are full of vitality, give you the elegance you want, and have great temperament.

Here are the basic principles of matching yoga pants, handling details and wearing all over the body.

If you like, quickly collect them and wear them out of the street next time! Every time I look at the matching of clothes, I have a headache.

This is not the same as that.

The body is too uneven, which makes me very depressed.

Because the friends around me are basically taller than me, but I still worry about buying clothes.

If my shoulders are wide, I have no chest and look very flat.

The shoulders are narrow, tall and straight, and the shoulders are wider.

It’s particularly annoying to buy clothes.

People often wear clothes that I think are completely OK, but they can’t do it on me.

It’s very strange.

People with wide shoulders will wear wider than those with narrow shoulders.

Today’s article is written for people with shoulder width, especially girls with flat shoulders.

After reading it, you must gain a lot.

First, let’s talk about shoulder width.

What does it mean.

In fact, you don’t need to explain too much.

Just understand that as long as the shoulder width does not exceed your height, it is not shoulder width.

Generally, few people in the crowd are so wide.

Of course, the matching of shoulder strap clothes is really good-looking and will make you very conspicuous in the crowd, but in fact, few boys will wear strap clothes.

How did the shoulder width come from? In fact, it has something to do with your head shoulder ratio, that is, whether the ratio of the length of your head to the width of your shoulder is greater than 3:1, and 3:1 will be very wide.

Usually the head shoulder ratio is 1:6 or 1:8, which is more suitable for people with shoulder width.

Of course, it may be better if it can reach 1:9.

Of course, it is perfect if it can reach 1:20 or 1:30.

Now, do you understand? The ratio of width to width on both sides is 3:1! For girls, a flat shoulder shirt may look better, but it’s not that you can’t wear a flat shoulder because of the shoulder width, but you can choose a wide shoulder shirt.

Let’s talk about the wearing method first.

In fact, you can not wear a wide shoulder shirt.

Wear a wide shoulder shirt, the shoulders will look wider.

This is a particularly unrecognizable way to wear.

You know, many domestic shopping malls have almost no wide shoulder shirts, which are shoulder wide styles.

You can slant your shoulders or wear a tight shirt.

In this way, people with wide shoulders are narrower.

Finally, I’m not saying that wide shoulder shirts don’t look good, but for those with wide shoulders and short head, shoulder width will be very uncomfortable…

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