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Yoga pants are more elegant. Simple collocation can improve the beauty of the shape, and it is also very cool

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                                    Yoga pants are more elegant.

Second, half length pants.

Summer yoga pants are matched with pants, half up and half down.

They just reach the vamp, which will highlight the slender legs.

Gauze net yoga pants of different lengths, paired with jeans and lantern sleeves, can easily cover the meat on the stomach.

The low waist design can also wear long legs, and then put on a coat.

When walking on the road, you must turn around full.

For girls under 160 who want to be tall and thin, you might as well try this pair of leggings.

Green dark green Pleated Shorts with white fisherman’s hat are artistic and playful.

However, the loose style is easy to expose the shortcomings of thighs and calves, and has high requirements for body.

Large area sweaters are more “short”.

In autumn, many girls have problems with butterfly sleeves and shoulders.

The broken lace with so shallow wrapped sleeves can easily make the lower body bloated.

A simple small fold on the pants can solve these problems.

Try to avoid wearing wrapped pants.

Short wrapped pants will make the lower body more bloated.

Or overall trousers with shorts, simple and casual, with a pair of high heels, the upper body is preferably medium and long, which not only improves the waistline, but also makes you look slim.

For example, wearing like Jiang Shuying has a very elegant feeling.

It comes from my favorite Japanese brand yoga pants, commonly known as Ishihara rimei.

The price is not expensive, but the quality and workmanship are really good.

Don’t wear bright colored shoes before matching striped leggings.

Collocation demonstration: off shoulder short sleeves with wide leg pants and small white shoes, which is very popular recently.

Short sleeves with small white shoes, like this, is a very fashionable collocation.

Basic collocation 5: solid color coat.

Solid color coat means that there is no printing on the coat.

If there are too many colors, it will not only look bloated, but also difficult to distinguish.

Always wear black suit pants and black boots.

The high and low legs are not short.

Choosing half pants that cover the knees will look very long.

In this way, the matching will visually lengthen the proportion and look thin.

Or if you have a small round face, a rectangular face or a square face, you should choose 9-point pants or a medium and long coat.

Tuck your coat into your pants to make your legs look better and longer.

I usually decide whether I can accept this item based on the temperature of the color.

The color of cold tone must be versatile and easy to integrate.

Choosing the umbrella shaped shoulder can put the whole shirt into the clothes.

The whole upper body looks fresh and refined.

Coupled with the wearing of the lower body, the belly covered by the upper body is also exposed.

The thin sister is still very suitable to wear this kind of leggings…

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