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Yoga pants are the most classic and versatile. They are the unique mature, steady and white beauty of professional women

Yoga pants are the most classic and versatile.

They are the unique mature, steady and white beauty of professional women.

The collocation of yoga pants is always the most worry-saving and labor-saving choice.

Wear a little black pants and a T-shirt with a simple color to set off, which can also be matched with a very daily Japanese style.

The first two pictures of the model pictures are from henya, a blogger in Taiwan.

The blogger’s personal account is called “big Yun”.

Her dress is a template that tends to be popular.

Therefore, as for how to match her own sample pictures, everyone can see her personal style, so there is often a phenomenon of “uniformity”.

The theme of this issue comes from the 14 filial bags with Japanese brand Moran, and their family style is also the line of this wave of Japanese style.

Although I often visit their stores, in fact, I don’t think this wave of Japanese style is as Japanese andartistic as traditional Japanese brands, but the overall style is very daily, the material selection is also very simple, and the texture of clothes is also very good, without that complex feeling.

In fact, you can look at their official website.

The style of their family is indeed very similar to the icon in girls’ comics, but the 177cm tall model is obviously not suitable for matching such clothes in daily life.

The last three are the latest Japanese Agogo dragon pullovers in their family.

They can be purchased out of season inventory.

There are rush buying models in the next two models.

These two pants are onepiece pants.

Both pants are made of cotton and linen.

The above three pictures are the off-season inventory of onepiece in the store, so let’s introduce the simplest matching.

Black jeans can be worn with a black or dark t-shirt, with a tonal top or up and down.

It can be seen from the above figure that the shoulder is too wide and the hip is too wide.

In fact, small black pants with long tops or short tops are very common wearing forms.

According to Moran’s principle, it’s better to tighten the pants and loosen them, and the coat or coat should not be too fancy.

The short sleeved T-shirt can also be white or black.

Wear a striped T-shirt with a tonal top or white under the striped top.

In fact, it is not necessarily an authentic Japanese style, that is, “the color matching should be as simple as possible, the color blocks should be as few as possible, and the overall look should be dominated by soft and warm colors.” when matching high heels, it is best to match brown ones.

In fact, you can choose a pair of brown high heels.

However, if you insist on matching a pair of black high heels, you can also match a pair of shoes with a pair of shoes, or you can match a pair of silver, which is also very harmonious.

The windbreaker is usually loose, and the middle tube can also be selected.

It is loose up and down, which is very relaxed to match.

The picture comes from the official website.

In fact, the pants are also a combination of upper elasticity and lower tightness, which is also the simplest template.

You can wear a shirt or something under your coat.

The orange blouse is versatile, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to get fat.

The effect of windbreaker with pink blouse is better.

The matching of silk materials can be seen in the following pictures.

In fact, the texture of silk has always been sought after by Taobao buyers, so there are really many people buying silk.

Recently, apart from specific areas, I haven’t bought too many silk clothes.

But last fall, there were a lot of wine red with light pink clothes…

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