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Yoga Tour | enjoy a slow life on weekends in an unknown landscape

Yujialvxiu heard the clear singing of birds in the mountains and forests here.

All the noise of the world disappeared silently.

Only the quiet time flowed slowly here.

Every plant and tree has a spirit.

Breathe with all things, and slowly stretch your body and mind, leaving only a piece of clarity in your heart.

“Bring Yoga on November 12-14, Let’s go to nameless Chu.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the weekend slow life with civilized teachers.

Let’s see a bigger world outside and find ourselves more real inside.

Integrate into the energy of nature to perceive the origin of life.

Nameless Chu Hotel – hidden world healing between mountains and rivers.

The location of nameless Chu is unique.

The hotel is located in the axis of xidihong village, shrouded in clouds and surrounded by mountains and fields, It’s like a fairyland hidden between mountains and rivers.

It’s quiet and undisturbed.

Huizhou architecture is integrated into nature.

It’s a place for the soul to vent and heal, so that the urban people who have been “in the cage” can get the joy of “returning to nature”.

The practice of Yoga autumnin2021ashtanga – “perceiving the energy of the origin of life” Ashtanga, the refinement of the posture is not just to unlock new actions, It is more important to use breathing to drive depth.

This is an exercise to nourish the body.

It is more to understand, explore and break through its boundaries.

This trip, through how to use breathing to help you go deep into asana, will take you to appreciate the charm of Ashtanga Yoga school, personally experience the energy generated by breathing and Vinyasa flowing in your body, and will also share your Ashtanga Yoga practice experience and make more progress on Ashtanga’s road together.

In this journey, we put down all our identities and remove all our disguises.

We are just an ordinary yoga practitioner, integrate into nature, listen to the inner voice, link with nature, and begin to look at ourselves more, try to understand, learn tolerance, harvest knowledge, perceive the energy of life origin, enjoy the natural flow of breathing, and give ourselves a comprehensive sublimation journey.

Scenery autumnin2021 Huangshan Mountain, the pride of heaven and the national treasure, is the masterpiece of nature.

Huangshan Mountain in November is the temptation of a gorgeous autumn.

The clouds are ethereal and mysterious.

The sea of clouds surges like a rainbow.

The clouds hanging on the cliff at the top of the mountain also seem to be within reach.

It is like coming to the “fairyland on earth”.

Huangshan Mountain is famous for its “five wonders” of strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow It is located in Hongcun village, Huangshan City in the south of Anhui Province.

The mountain is about 40 kilometers long from north to South and 30 kilometers wide from east to west, with a total area of about 1200 square kilometers  —— The typical representative of Hui style residential villages is known as the village in Chinese painting, which has a history of more than 800 years.

More than 140 ancient residential buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasties have been completely preserved.

It is a must to decipher the rise and fall of Hui merchants for hundreds of years.

In 2000, it was listed in the world cultural heritage list by UNESCO.

Part.01fineyga and who went to Shi Wenming with John Scott 500ttc authorized certified teacher (certification No.: 0019) ● 11 years of teaching experience, Vatican super coach ● John Scott yoga200ttc course teacher ● John Scott cpd course invited teacher ● John Scott workshop invited teaching assistant (India, Korea, Hong Kong, etc.) ● Ashtanga large class training ● Hatha advanced style training ● Ashtanga pre job training teacher 👆 Click to watch teacher Shi Wenming [become a yoga teacher] Story #1 yoga experience ● exposure to yoga in 2002 ● participated in the 500 hour training of fineyoga Sanskrit yoga in 2009 and began to practice Ashtanga ● continuously studied with John Scott for 11 years since 2009 ● obtained the 200ttc teacher qualification certification of John Scott in 2014 ● obtained the authorization certification of John Scott 500ttc in 2018 ● participated in kenharakuma / basialipska / John Scott / David Kei / chuck Miller during the period /Promotion courses for well-known Ashtanga elders such as David Swenson.

● in 2013, Mr.

Shi Wenming went to Mysore, India for many years to practice (above).

The teacher team in Goa (India) helped each other to practice (above).

The significance of teaching assistant #2 teaching in Hong Kong.

Through self continuous practice, learning and teaching exploration, Mr.

Shi Wenming gained valuable Yoga insights and experience.

He hopes to inherit the teacher’s teaching with a sense of responsibility and mission, spread the traditional origin of yoga, share his understanding and perception of yoga, and let more people benefit from yoga# 3 teaching style through their own observation methods and spatial thinking in practice and teaching to find each student’s physical state and problems, and give corresponding assistance and guidance in time, so that students can better understand and understand their own body and practice, and get effective improvement and progress# 4 yoga experience harvest yoga in love and share yoga with love.

Let’s treat others patiently, teach others with no other heart, protect others with love, maintain a pious heart to enjoy yoga, share the blessings brought by yoga and enjoy life.

Part.02fineyga the course schedule Day1 (November 12) ● [8:00-18:00] according to the arrival time of guests’ high-speed railway or flight, arrange a special bus to pick up and send them to the hotel for check-in          ☆ remarks: you can reach Huangshan north high speed railway station or Huangshan Tunxi airport          ● [18:00-19:30] [Jiayu] hotel welcome dinner.

The students introduced themselves to each other and met day   two   (November 13) ● [7:00-8:30] ☆ morning exercise [course topic]: enjoy the natural flow of breathing   ● [8:30-10:00] after practice, take a break and have a buffet breakfast in the hotel ● [10:00-17:00] free time.

You can choose to take a deep tour of Huangshan Mountain or walk around the village near the hotel to explore the traditional emblem style ancient buildings   ☆ remarks: the cost of Huangshan tour is 798 yuan / person, including local professional tour guides, tickets to Huangshan scenic spot, transportation in the scenic spot, cable cars, air-conditioned tourist buses ● [18:00-19:00] hotel Chinese health dinner day   three   (November 14) ● [6:30-8:30] ☆ morning exercise [Course theme]: enjoy the body exploration brought by the exercise   ● [8:30-9:30] a Tang yoga practice experience explanation Q & a sharing ● [9:30-10:30] hotel buffet breakfast ● [11:00-16:00] after the course, you can choose Hongcun leisure tour or enjoy a pleasant time in the hotel   ☆ remarks: the cost of Hongcun leisure tour is 398 yuan / person, including local professional tour guides, tickets and air-conditioned tour buses.

After the tour, you will be directly sent to the high-speed railway station or airport   scheduling   ★ note: the course content will be slightly adjusted according to the situation of the day.

Part.03fineyga registration details notice [registration time]: November 12-november 14 [limited number]: 30 people [registration fee]: original price 3880 yuan ○ early bird price 3180 yuan (early bird price is up to 23:59 on October 15) ○ exclusive price of Sanskrit students and members 2880 yuan ☆ pay a deposit of 500 yuan in advance for reservation, Before the deadline of early bird price, you need to pay the balance before you can enjoy the early bird price discount.

In this way, you can book a room in advance and confirm the number of people..

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