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A set of hip lifting yoga exercises to get rid of hip collapse easily!

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   Feel your hips become wide and collapsed! Is there a yoga movement that can accurately lift and retract your hips? Today, Xiaobian has organized a set of hip yoga to lift the hip line and tighten the hip muscles.

There are 9 movements in total.

People who want to lift the hip should practice quickly! Action 01: cat cow posture preparation, lift the right leg, bend the lower leg backward, exhale, tighten the core, pay attention not to lean sideways, straighten the pelvis, lift the knee upward, feel the gluteal muscle tightening, keep dynamic exercises on each side for 12 actions 02.

Cat cow posture preparation, tighten the core, exhale, move the right knee outward to the elbow position, inhale and restore, and dynamically practice 12 actions on each side 03.

Exit from cat cow posture, Enter the one leg downward dog pose, push the left leg on the ground, straighten the right leg backward and upward, tighten the core, pay attention to the hip position and inhale, the right leg returns to the downward dog pose to exhale, and return to the one leg downward dog pose to keep dynamic practice for 12 times on each side.


Lie on your back on the yoga mat, bend your knees and knees perpendicular to your heels, tighten the core, exhale, straighten your hip upward, inhale and restore, pay attention to maintaining the gluteal muscles Tighten the core and keep the dynamic exercise for 12 times 05.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, close your hands up, exhale, hold your hips up, open your knees outward, inhale, restore, keep the dynamic exercise for 12 times 06.

Continue to exhale in the bridge preparation position, tighten the core, hold your hips up, support the ground with your left leg, bend your knees with your right leg, lift your hands on the ground, exhale, sink your hips down, inhale, hold your hips up, Dynamic exercise 12 times 07, keep in the preparation position of action 05, exhale, tighten the core, hold the hip up, stand on tiptoe, inhale, and sink the hip.

Keep dynamic exercise 12-15 times 08, keep in the preparation position of action 07.

This time, the heels touch the ground, the soles of the feet are off the ground, exhale, tighten the core, sink the hip down, inhale, hold the hip up, dynamic exercise 12 times 09, lie prone on the mat, Put your forehead on the back of your hand, bend your knees and separate your legs wider than your shoulders, touch your heels and exhale, tighten your core and gluteal muscles, and keep your knees off the ground for opening and closing exercises.

Feel the strength of gluteal muscles and keep practicing these 9 hip movements dynamically for 15-20 times, especially until the last one.

Gluteal muscles are really sour, but remember to close your stomach when practicing.

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