A set of women’s exclusive stretching Yoga sequence to relax iliopsoas and flexible hips

Business cooperation QQ: 2786050882 iliopsoas muscle starts from the transverse process of lumbar spine and ends at the lesser trochanter of femur.

This muscle can convey strength to the lower limbs through the pelvis.

It is an important hip flexion and hip extension muscle.

If you see that it is difficult for someone to bend their knees and lift their legs up, it is mostly because this muscle is tense and weak! For women, because the iliac muscle is attached to the inner side of the iliac bone, whether this muscle is strong also affects the health of the pelvis! So we must practice this muscle.

Today, Xiaobian shares a set of Female Yoga sequences, which can effectively relax iliopsoas and flexible hips.

Let’s practice together! 1.

Cat cow pose enters cat cow pose from big worship pose, pay attention to the shoulder vertical, the wrist and hip align with the knee, inhale, raise the head to extend the spine and exhale upward, lower the head with chest arch, back and chin slightly retract dynamic cycle practice for 10 ~ 12 times, 2.

Low lunge enters low lunge from cat cow pose, step the right leg forward to the outside of the right hand, push the left leg back straight, pay attention to the slightly retracted core, and feel the extension of the spine with breathing, The hip swings up and down to fully feel the tension of the left hip, keep dynamic, swing up and down for 15 times, change to the other side, 3 lizards, keep in the low lunge position, land the left knee, keep the instep close to the ground with breathing, slowly support the elbow on the ground, and slightly rotate the right foot with the right knee to the outside for about 45 degrees, and the core retracts slightly, Keep the spine extended, stay for 8 ~ 10 breaths, and then change to the other side.

4 stand and bend forward to withdraw from the lizard pose.

Slowly move your legs forward to the forward bend.

Pay attention, do not lock the knee joints, slightly bend your knees appropriately, keep the core tightened, rotate your pelvis forward, hold your elbows, slowly shake your body to both sides, and maintain 5 ~ 8 breaths.

5 squat twist.

Slowly bend your knees from the forward bend, squat down and pay attention to your toes The knee joint slightly rushes to the outer core and the perineum tightens to help the spine extend and inhale upward.

The right hand sticks to the outside of the left leg and exhales.

The left hand opens and stops at each side of the ceiling for 5 ~ 8 breaths.

In the 6-and-a-half pigeon pose, turn from squatting to downward dog pose, and step the right leg forward from downward dog pose, The lower leg should be parallel to the hip as far as possible.

Pay attention to the alignment of the hip to help the lumbar spine in the right position.

Push your hands to feel the extension and stay of the spine.

After 5 breaths, the upper body can extend forward and stay close to the ground for 10 breaths.

Then change to the other side.

7 sit and twist.

Withdraw from the semi pigeon pose, sit and stand on the cushion surface, feel the sciatic bone fully sit on the cushion surface, extend the spine and inhale upward.

Put your left hand on the outside of your right knee and your right hand on the back of your hip to exh, Tighten the core, feel the chest twist turn to the right side, keep 8 ~ 10 breaths, then change to the other side, 8 chicken twist and exit from sitting and standing, bend your legs forward, put the back of your hands on your ribs, and the inner side of your elbows on the inner side of your knees to cooperate with breathing.

If you can, slowly put your feet together and keep 5 ~ 8 breaths.

This yoga sequence is recommended to be used as a daily practice sequence to practice yoga, Is the best love for yourself! (.

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