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Amazing Yoga people’s playful inner world is real enough to make people cry!

Concentrate, focus on breathing, inhale…


Teachers always say that when practicing yoga, you should concentrate, focus on breathing, pay attention to your actions and physical feelings, and so on…

So did you really do what the teachers said? Haven’t you ever wondered what other people think when they do yoga? Where do you want to eat after class? When will the TV series you’ve been chasing be updated recently? Or the troubles in life? Previously, on INS, a girl shared a video about the inner play in yoga class.

It was very interesting and won unanimous praise and approval from yoga lovers.

Let’s have a look! Her fancy inner play when practicing yoga.

This sister is called Alex zandra Peters.

She is a popular yoga person.

She likes Yoga very much and has a lot of yoga experience.

After she made her inner play “thoughts of yoga class” into a short film by video dubbing and posted it on the Internet, yoga lovers all over the world lamented “it’s too real, this is me!” now, let’s enter the inner world of this popular yogi drama! When she encouraged herself to do a beautiful yoga pose like the teacher’s demonstration, she thought, “today we must do the best dance king pose in this life! Come on, you can!” but what she actually thought in her heart was: “no, no, no, it hurts me, I’m dying!” when everyone was practicing yoga quietly, The real idea in her heart is: “Why are you sweating again? I’m afraid I’m not the only one sweating into a pig!” Mingming’s teacher asked everyone to take a deep breath: “enjoy the feeling of body tension.” but she was very worried that she would fart suddenly: “if you fart at this time, it’s over! I won’t have the face to come to class next time!” Even every hour and moment, I was worried that I would suddenly fart.

The teacher said, “the next action is very simple, easy…” she did the action with her teacher’s password, and tucked inside her: “how can I relax?” ah, ah, ah, it hurts! I’m going to be screwed! “She was just glad that the teacher didn’t make complaints about the students.

“Ah, fortunately, the teacher didn’t say to bend forward!” but the next second, when the teacher ordered to do a terrible bend forward, she wanted to Neng kill the teacher! At that moment, she just thought, “Mom, I must kill her…” the most embarrassing thing for yoga_in yoga class is that when you finish an action, you find that your action direction is different from that of others around you.

“Why are we different every time? Why can’t I tell the right from the left in every class???” when it was time to do crane Zen, I heard the teacher say, “our class has been half the time.” at that moment, she was full of confused exclamations: “Ah??? I’ve been practicing for so long.

It’s only half the time??? I thought it was almost over.

You told me it was only half the time???” when she heard the teacher say that she wanted to do rest surgery, she began to set off fireworks.


Finally, my favorite rest surgery has come.

I have to lie down and have a good rest.

To tell the truth, I can lie down for a lifetime!” When she finished drinking water and had a rest after class, she immediately recovered her motivation and constantly praised herself: “Oh, I’m good too.

I feel great! Hahaha! Continue to work hard next class!” What is the girl’s inner world is really a pain in the neck.

When we practice yoga, do we make complaints about the practice of Yoga? But it’s not good.

When we practice yoga, we should concentrate on practice.

So what should we think of when we do yoga practice? Where is our attention? Really? What should you think when you practice yoga? What should you think when you practice asana? First, you should try to relax.

You can play some yoga music to help create a peaceful atmosphere and relax yourself.

Then, when you practice asana, focus on your actions and pay attention to the feeling of the actions on your body.

For example, when you stretch a certain part of your body, you should focus on the feeling of stretching.

When you finish this posture, you should feel that this part is relaxing.

You should have a good experience of the feeling caused by yoga.

In this way, you can get the best effect of yoga posture.

What should you think when you practice breathing? When you do yoga breathing alone During the practice of breathing, you should try to focus on the flow of breath.

Feel how breath flows in the body and how it brings to the corresponding parts of the body…

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