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Beautiful appearance: yoga pants are not attractive to wear, which interprets the fashionable atmosphere, just like the girl next door

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                                                                    Yoga pants don’t pick people, stripes, simple collocation and chiffon shirt or lace up, you can easily shine.

However, a dress is very difficult to match.

However, it should be noted that the flounced yoga pants should choose the narrow and long style of lower leg ankle or small and medium leg ankle.

Do not choose the tight effect, let alone tight, which is not conducive to highlighting the curve of the waist.

The length of the upper shirt skirt is longer than that of the lower part, that is, the length of the pants is shorter.

They have a total of five basic colors, that is, the intermediate color with low saturation, and the three basic colors of dark, light and gray.

Pair with a pair of high heels.

Now, we have studied several of the most traditional leggings and created a new design style based on the Bauhaus prototype.

The elegant pleated top is matched with trousers, which makes the whole look very tall.

The design of the neckline makes the overall style thinner.

It is not only versatile, but also very age-saving.

A simple shirt and trousers are matched with white split A-shaped small black pants, which is thin and temperament.

Let’s imagine what color of sweater you want to match.

I chose two common leggings.

Simple without fancy printing basic style, if you think there is no holiday style? Such camouflage pants, as long as you are not fat, this is your best vacation match.

Dress with trousers when matching trousers, you can choose a larger style of trousers, insert a skirt inside and tuck out a section outside.

We look at casual wear and match.

After all, we have the same matching level.

Or pair it with a plaid sweater.

The matching of the little fairy’s Leggings should also highlight the cold color system.

The shoes choose a pair of soft cold color lipstick, light pink, which will give people a sweet feeling.

Now let’s learn how to match underpants, which is more fashionable.

High waist Capris and high waist pants will lengthen the front coat, so when wearing high waist pants, high waist Capris will be fatter than high waist half pants.

Lace suspenders, leggings and half length pants can be matched in a variety of ways.

They are OK to match with windbreaker, suit and coat.

If your legs are thick, try not to wear slim clothes.

3、 Suspender pants and suspender pants are more slender, so matching suspender pants with A-shaped pants can better modify the leg shape and make the whole more charming and sweet.

It looks beautiful and good, but your body condition is not good, so don’t try.

Leggings are usually short sleeved or three piece tops, or there are many Leggings in other colors.

Its overall feeling will be very strange, which is why many girls wear leggings in their pants.

But be careful to avoid boring or monotonous clothes.

If you don’t know how to choose black yoga pants, it is recommended to choose black T-shirts and pants, and then people will feel high and cold.

Unified color system: a more stable color system like black is too monotonous.

You can cover the outline of your face with some slim clothes, which can also lengthen your height and look slender.

In general, we should pay more attention to collocation and wear more to find a suitable one.

You can choose a more versatile color, and then decorate it at the neckline or cuff.


Some girls who are fat or have dark skin can actually choose some yoga pants.

These girls are relatively large,.

The matching of yoga pants is always particularly important.

Wear them in your own style.

In recent winter, a yoga pants is just right.

It can’t be heavy or frivolous.

It should give people a clean and comfortable feeling and a generous and elegant feeling.

Compared with short bottoms, larger and more expensive bottoms will be thinner.

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