New Yoga Life

[house Yoga] good news – the new store of house yoga in Qingdao is about to open! Embedded benefits~

She Yoga Qingdao Yongwang Dream Music City store is about to open grandly.

This period is full of benefits and sincerity.

Celebratetheopening ▼ she yoga has always spread a minimalist subtractive life.

It was founded in Hong Kong in 2008 and began to display a chain brand in the new house yoga hall – Qingdao Yongwang Dream Music City Hall is about to present a lifestyle dedicated to spreading a minimalist and positive energy.

Yoga is life, Life is an elegant environment for yoga.

Healing style can better experience the energy of yoga.

Mild sunshine allows you to enjoy a rare leisure time.

Professional yoga starts here.

The opening of house Yoga – 100 people Yoga Conference has a deposit of 100 yuan, Enjoy the 8 rights and interests of founding members ▼ book the number of founding members for opening ▼ enjoy the rights and interests of founding members ▼ run this healing place with us ▼ start the road of professional yoga ▼ meet a group of like-minded friends here ▼▼ private education on pregnancy and childbirth, slimming and shaping, rehabilitation physiotherapy, pilates equipment always have the content you need ▼ feel the Yoga profession Popular yoga class ▼ deposit 100 deposit for the current period of benefits and enjoy 8 benefits during the opening 1.

Deduct 2000 yuan in cash for courses purchased during the opening 2.

Exchange 680 yuan for a private yoga class 3.

Exchange 380 yuan for a professional yoga physical test evaluation 4.

Exchange 580 yuan for a weekly yoga course card 5.

Forward a circle of friends and send brand yoga clothes 6.

Join the lucky draw during the opening activities, 100% award 7.

Founding members enjoy the lowest price welfare for three years 8.

Founding members enjoy the privilege of group purchase price for thousands of people.

A yoga studio has only one opening pre-sale activity in a lifetime.

It really missed the precipitation of sheyu Yoga for ten years, Don’t forget the original intention to bring you the most professional and effective yoga experience.

Thank you for your 13 years of company.

Here we set sail again and witness a healthier and better life together.

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