If you insist on yoga, you will gain a better self

Yoga is the most objective and fair thing in the world.

It will not deceive you, betray you, leave you, or give up you.

No one can replace the layers of training you experience in yoga, just as no one can take away the health and confidence you get after sweating.

There is no free lunch in the world, and there will be no pie in the sky for no reason.

Therefore, Don’t ask why you haven’t made progress in yoga for such a long time.

Don’t ask why you are also practicing yoga.

She is making progress faster than you.

All the bright and beautiful things are hard to pay behind.

All the earthly things are quiet and insist on gritting your teeth behind.

If you have just started yoga, there hasn’t been much change in three months and six months.

Don’t worry.

Yoga changes in units of years.

Good figure and health are never easy to get, but accumulated over time.

It is a way of life and attitude, not slow, not arrogant, not persistent, balanced and just good.

There is no need to rush to repay yoga practice, because sowing and harvest are not in the same season.

It is called persistence after a period of time.

Rest assured of your efforts.

If you want to lose weight, you must make the consumption greater than the intake.

In addition to practicing yoga shaping, you have to control your mouth.

After ten years, you will understand that it is not money that hits you in the hour when you often go to the yoga studio, It’s the youth and health that are hard to buy.

If you want to slim your waist, you must practice breathing and core well.

In addition to yoga postures, breathing should also be practiced frequently.

If you want to alleviate low back pain, you must strengthen your back and core.

It’s more important to maintain correct posture in daily life…

If you want yoga to progress faster than others, you have to pay more time and energy than others.

Others practice for 1 hour.

Can you practice for 2 hours? If others can get up early, can you stick to it earlier? Yoga is an art of balance, a golden mean and a grasp of degree.

Neither be too strong and become utilitarian, nor be too easy to make progress.

Therefore, if you want to practice yoga well and have a good body, there is no shortcut to a healthy body.

If there is, there is only one way – persistence and effort!..

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