Lecture notes on yogi’s Earth theory (87)

Yin 7.

Industry reversal (divided into two branches) Mao 1.

What is the cloud of industry reversal? The subject of “karma miscellaneous contamination” is divided into nine sections.

The first section is the nature of karma, karma difference, karma cause, karma position, and now the seventh subject “karma inversion”.

What is the “reversal” of this “karma”? This is a question.

The following explanation is “listed” first.

Mao II.

Interpretation (divided into two branches) Chen I.

there are three kinds of knowledge: first, the function is reversed, second, the holding is reversed, and third, the joy is reversed.

There are three kinds of knowledge.

There are three kinds of inversion of karma.

The first is the inversion of “function”, the second is the inversion of “attachment”, and the third is the inversion of “joy”.

The following explanation is divided into three branches.

First, explain the “reversal of function” and “the way of killing karma”.

In terms of the way of killing karma.

It is divided into two sections.

The first section is “manslaughter” and “mark reversal”.

Chen 2.

The interpretation (divided into three branches) has been completed.

The function is reversed (divided into two branches) at noon.

The way of killing students (divided into two branches) has not been completed.

The application for manslaughter (divided into two branches) has been completed.

The sign is reversed.

The function is reversed: it means that if more than one living creature wants to kill and wrongly harm others.

“Role reversal”, this “role” is the act of killing.

What is the situation when there is a mistake? It is said that if one of the remaining beings wants to kill, that is to say, for example, a person who has feelings for another, assuming that it is a certain a, he “wants to kill” in his heart and makes a plan to kill a certain a.

“Wrongly harming the rest”, but in the formal implementation of this activity, he wrongly killed someone B, didn’t kill someone a, and killed someone B, which is called “reversal of function”.

“Reversal of action” means that the person who wants to kill does not kill, but another person who does not want to kill.

Although this thing is killed, it does not meet his original intention.

This karma is not perfect.

This is called “reversal of action”.

This is called “reversal of action”.

This “upside down” side, so this man didn’t commit murder? This also studies this problem.

The second paragraph “distinguish similarity”.

Shen 2.

We should know that although there is a crime of killing but no crime of killing, there are types of killing and similar crimes of killing.

We should know the situation of this matter.

Although this man has the act of killing, he did kill a man, but this man has no crime of killing.

Because his motive is not to kill this person.

For this murdered person, he has no intention to kill him, that is, he has no motive and is unintentional; Therefore, in terms of crime, it is not enough to become the cause of crime.

This cause is not sufficient.

Therefore, although there is an act of killing, there is no crime of killing.

There is no crime of killing, but in fact it is.

He has no crime of killing.

How should this place be judged? “However, there are types of killing, and killing is similar to sharing sin”.

Although it is said that he has no sin of killing, he is related to the “type of killing”.

Killing is one thing.

His current behavior is similar to this type, “killing is similar”, and this action is the same as the type of killing.

“Living with the same sin”, when the same sin is born, it is still guilty or guilty.

But he didn’t have the heart to kill this man.

It was a manslaughter.

What will happen in the future? This means that this person does not go to hell.

This person does not go to hell.

He just gets short-lived and other fruits when he comes to the world in the future, that’s all, because he has no heart, no heart.

According to alayer’s knowledge, this truth can also be said in a few words, that is, if he wants to kill a, he will kill a and fulfill his wishes.

So full of his wishes, and such actions, full of his wishes, so that he smoked the seeds truthfully in his alaiye knowledge, then of course it was enough to become a crime of killing, so he had to go to the three evil ways.

If he didn’t kill the person he wanted to kill, he might think he wanted to kill, but when he finished, it wasn’t, so it can be seen that alaiye didn’t smoke into such a sin and didn’t smoke.

But there is such a thing, this karma is not perfect, this sin is not perfect creation, and it is not perfect sin.

Then Alaya’s practice of knowing the face is not perfect, not perfect, so less than three evil ways receive the fundamental karma.

But there is such a thing.

In the future, it will be decided by such a little fault due to the short life expectancy in the world.



In feiqing (divided into two branches), I apply for one.

If the mark is reversed, if I do not kill other beings by mistake, but in feiqing, I have added a knife and staff, that is, I kill life.

The front is “manslaughter”, that is, there is an act of killing in the aspect of love, but “manslaughter”.

This paragraph is “in non love” ruthless thing, which is to kill someone, kill a piece of wood, kill a plant, or something.

Then maybe the person who was killed had good knowledge to tell him that he dodged, put a fake thing, put a wood, and covered it with a thing.

It’s similar, as if there was a person there.

Then he went to kill it.

It turned out to be a piece of wood or a bundle of grass.

That’s “adding a knife and stick to non love”, not love.

In front of “manslaughter” or killing sentient beings, now say “if you don’t manslaughter other beings”, then what is manslaughter? Kill a bundle of grass or a piece of wood by mistake.

If so, “if you don’t kill other beings by mistake”, you don’t kill sentient beings by mistake, and you kill a “non emotion”.

However, after “non emotion adds a sword and staff”, you call me killing life “.

He thinks I killed this person, but that person didn’t kill.

This is still a manslaughter, but what you killed is” non emotion “.

So what is the crime of such “karma reversal”? Shen 2.

To distinguish similarity, we should know that there is no killing and no crime of killing, but there are types of killing and similar killing, which are divided into crimes.

“You should know that there is no killing, no crime of killing”.

In front of you, there is killing.

This is no killing, because you didn’t kill an affectionate person, so there is no crime of killing.

“Although there are types of killing, killing is similar to sharing sin”, but there are similar killing activities in the “types of killing”, so there is still the same “sin” as “sharing”.

He was born because he did not constitute the crime of killing.

What is his future sin? In his increasing fruit, the book of pixun, increasing fruit gets the reward of lusterless fruit, and the increasing fruit of lusterless fruit.

He assumed that if he planted an apple and an orange, it would be either so shiny or so good.

So this is a kind of “reversal”.

Afternoon 2.

The rules are not related to taking, such as killing life karma.

If so, all karma, such as not related to taking, should be known as it should be, and its role should be reversed.

This is the second branch of “law, non equality and taking”.

In front of it is “taking and killing karma”.

This is similar to the crime and killing of equality, and it is also a mistake.

If “killing karma” is wrong, it is like this.

Then “if you don’t take all karma, go with it, and reverse the role, you should know”.

That is, if you want to steal something from a or B, or what you want, it’s always not the thing originally planned.

If you make a mistake, it doesn’t constitute a crime.

This is a kind of crime.

Second, holding and receiving are reversed (divided into two branches) at noon, holding innocence and blessing (divided into two branches) is not one, and holding and receiving are reversed: it is said that if there is one, it is like seeing, establishing such theory, no giving and receiving, and even all evil opinions.

The previous “function reversal” is such a thing.

Now the second paragraph at the bottom is “attachment reversal”.

What does “attachment reversal” mean? Explain..

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