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Other people’s Yoga photos vs your yoga photos! Yoga is not acrobatics, just work hard!

Source: freeonyoga (ID: freeonyoga) there is a gap in the world called “others” vs “mine”                             Imagine: sexy figure, charming eyes…

Like the Weimi angel, standing in the spotlight, I seem to be the most dazzling star.

                        However, goose…

White skin, beautiful big legs, all belong to others ~ what you have is only the gap between ideal and reality.

Celeste barber is a popular comedian who perfectly interprets other people’s Yoga photos vs   Your yoga photo is really heartbreaking after reading…

Netizens said: This is clearly me! Goddess dance king style   VS   My king dance ▼ goddess split   VS   I split ▼ other people’s hands upside down   VS   My hand handstand ▼ other people’s one leg wheel vs my one leg wheel what the hell??? ▼ other people’s sea Yoga vs my sea yoga is for fun ▼ other people’s Yoga on the surfboard vs My Yoga on the surfboard is like a disaster film ▼ (who says the fat chassis is stable?) other people’s Yoga hand handstand vs My Yoga hand handstand makes every effort to support in half air for one second ▼ other people’s roof push wheel type vs my roof push wheel type.

Sorry, The roof is too slippery ▼ other people’s small bridge style vs my small bridge style has too much meat, so I can’t get up ▼ after reading so much, I don’t think it’s heartbreaking, but in fact, the real < high difficulty > Yoga doesn’t lie in how light you jump back and forth, how stable your inverted three-dimensional style is, or even how well your God monkey does it.

The real yoga practice is that the simpler the asana, the more you should practice with your heart, practice the right position and repeat, so as to achieve smooth breathing and unity of body and mind.

We need to know more about our body and mind through the simplest yoga pose, rather than comparing who can split and who can stand upside down.

Yoga practice is a natural accumulation over time.

When you have a solid foundation, the difficult pose will come naturally.

In yoga practice, all seemingly simple postures contain broad and profound principles.

They are the process of changing our own shortcomings and facing ourselves in our yoga practice.

Yoga is such a process.

You need to repeatedly practice the simplest postures.

This process is like life experience.

You can constantly polish, digest, polish and refine, so as to achieve an art of purifying yourself, and let you feel your true self through internal and external awareness.

If you think that difficult asana is yoga, it is no different from those acrobats.

It is true yoga that you do not adhere to the difficulty of asana, are not afraid of the future, do not nostalgic for the past, do not mess with your heart, settle in the present, be simple, meditate, not paranoid, not impetuous and not vain…

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