Research Report on the development trend of China’s yoga industry in 2021 (download attached)

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The introduction policy of this chapter is overweight, strengthen the standardization construction and management norms of fitness yoga industry, and promote the society to jointly build and share national health; The differentiation of demand, the improvement of economic level, the transformation of lifestyle, the rise of women’s consumption power, and the trend of yoga practice; Technological upgrading, investment and application of a new generation of technological means, enabling yoga to help diversify the service types of the yoga industry; With the help of capital, the layout of Volkswagen fitness track has been accelerated, the amount of single financing has reached a new record, and the market is being activated.

In 2020, affected by the epidemic, the market scale of China’s yoga industry was 38.7 billion.

In the future, with the improvement of users’ health awareness and the further popularization of Yoga services and concepts, driven by the value of courses and services, China’s yoga industry will continue to develop steadily, and the market scale is expected to exceed 50 billion in 2023.

At present, the market concentration of China’s yoga industry is low, and the whole market presents a highly decentralized competition pattern.

The epidemic has accelerated the industry reshuffle.

It is expected that from 2021, the market concentration will be further improved, and the leading enterprises may give play to their scale and innovation advantages to create brand advantages and expand brand effect around core competitive elements such as hardware environment, operation service and innovation mode.

In terms of user growth, the main competition in the future will be in the second and third tier cities, and brands need to explore different playing methods based on user characteristics; At the product service level, expand platform services around user experience, improve digital ability and realize fine operation; At the level of business model, large-scale operation, breaking the traditional single store model and seizing the sinking market through the combined expansion model; At the ecological level, around women’s consumption power, build a localized women’s service ecosystem based on Yoga services.

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