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Seven yoga postures regulate the intestines and stomach, relieve constipation, and brighten your skin color!

  1 | sitting meditation action: – sit cross legged on a blanket or yoga brick, with your hips above your knees, and then keep the action for 5 minutes- Focus all your attention and keep breathing- In other words, try not to think about the fact that you have been constipated for three days.

  Function: meditation can relieve stress.

When you encounter stress, you will also have constipation.

two  |  Standing posture forward flexion: – stand with feet open and hip width- Rotate the hips and fold forward so that the chest is close to the thighs and bend the knees if necessary- Keep your hips above your ankles and let the back of your neck relax- Lower your arms naturally, facing the ground, or grab the opposite biceps and do a deeper pose- Press the soles of your feet on the ground, relax your toes and tighten your legs- Take 10 deep breaths.

Function: this posture can calm the nervous system, compress the abdomen and help digestion.

three  |  Downward dog movement: – first land on all limbs, then lower your toes, straighten your legs, and press your hands on the ground into an inverted v- Open your hands shoulder width or wider than your shoulders, and open your feet hip width- Press your palms firmly against the ground and bend your knees slightly, with your vertebrae facing the ceiling- Take 10 deep breaths.

   Function: downward dog pose can create space for the frequently squeezed spine.

This is a body stretching pose, which can release tension and help digestion.

four  |  Wind blowing action: – lie flat with your legs straight- Keep your right knee close to your chest and breathe 20 times- Return to the starting position, then raise your arms above your head and stretch your right body- Hold 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Function: this posture helps to eliminate abdominal gas, stimulate ascending, descending, transverse colon, stomach and small intestine, and alleviate constipation.

five  |  Triangle movement: – first make a wide standing position on the yoga mat, with one foot facing forward and one foot buckled inside- Face in front of the mat and lift your arms 90 degrees- Keep your legs straight as you bend your upper body forward- Bend deeply forward so that one hand can touch the ankle of the front foot- The other hand is raised straight towards the ceiling- Keep breathing for 10 times, straighten your body and repeat on the other side.

Function: lateral bending helps stimulate the passage of digestive juice through gallbladder and liver.

Rotational movement can effectively regulate and stimulate abdominal organs.

six  |  Sitting rotation: – first sit with your legs straight in front of your body- Bend your left knee and cross your left leg to the left, put your left foot on the inside of your right knee and keep your right leg straight- The right arm hugs the left leg and the left hand is on the ground behind the sacrum- Extend the inhale and rotate the body to the left as you exhale- Repeat 10 times and change sides.

  Function: this pose is like twisting a damp cloth.

Rotating it can massage the digestive tract and stimulate detoxification.

seven  |  Spine twist: – lie flat with your left hand holding your right knee close to your chest- The body faces to the left, the right arm extends to the right of the body, and the line of sight looks to the right- Press your right leg gently on the ground with your left hand, or open your arms in a T-shape- Take 10 breaths, then change sides.

  Function: this pose brings the body back to a relaxed state.

Twisting to the right and then to the left can increase intestinal peristalsis.

The method of cleaning the gastrointestinal tract with yoga is to clean the whole digestive tract.

After cleaning, you can feel comfortable and healthier.

Moreover, the toxins in the body are discharged through yoga, the skin becomes better and better, and you are more radiant! Read more good articles and click on the card below..

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