We media era, gym / Yoga Club customer operation guide (Part 2)

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Today, share and take away the practical version of dry goods tutorial.

Sit on the small bench and start the class ~   Five, Kwai tiktok is a good way to open the content of the business.

It’s easy to see that many enterprises, restaurants, clothing factories, agricultural and sideline products are making short videos and doing live broadcast.

In brief, this is doing the content.

In the current environment, the pace of marketing is very fast.

From advertising to content output, IP creation, community operation and live broadcasting, they are linked.

One point is right, and you can get the key to breaking the circle instantly.

In recent years, the model of breaking the circle through the operation of we media platform is the perfect diary, which has invested a lot of money in little red book, Through IP creation and content grass planting, we can achieve sales breakthrough in a very short time, and there are countless places worth learning and reference.

Looking back at the fitness / Yoga industry, it is particularly important to break through the traditional thinking bottleneck of “effect is king”.

It’s not that the traditional word-of-mouth communication is not good.

Word-of-mouth communication is also a form of content.

At present, we need to find more forms to tell the story of good venues.

Customers no longer look at advertisements, but only the content.

All advertisements are content, and all content is advertising.

Therefore, if venue operators want to improve communication efficiency, they must create a “content driven” publicity model.

With strong content creation ability, output and coverage of the whole network, and form a strong online and offline connection system, we can effectively reach customers, influence customers and transform customers at low cost.

  First of all, understand a question, what is the content? From the perspective of marketing, content generally refers to pictures, words, videos and other forms to convey enterprise related information through the media, so as to link customers, influence customers and realize sales.

Therefore, everything related to venues, valuable to customers and able to affect customers’ cognition and behavior can become content.

This article mainly shares the creation process of video content.

Before we start content creation, we need to think about: what purpose does this content serve.

There are several simple reference items: rising powder, playing volume and realization.

Of course, these points do not exist completely independently, but we need to focus on choice.

1) Content form the content form of sports fitness can be roughly divided into three types: (1) teaching knowledge: presented in the form of oral broadcast and video.

The content focuses on popular knowledge, sports misunderstanding, product introduction, experience sharing, etc.

Different coaches / teachers have different experience, professional emphasis, personality and performance style, even if they have the same theme content, Each has its own characteristics in the creative process, and it has the ability to avoid content homogenization.

(2) Drying process: the core of this kind of content is to show the sports process, teaching with training methods, sports achievement display, daily vlog records, etc.

by showing the sports process, we can strengthen the authenticity of IP and improve the trust and stickiness of fans.

(3) Creative plot: whether it is script planning, shooting or post production, the overall production difficulty of this kind of content is higher than the first two.

It has higher requirements for the professional level of creativity and control of the whole production process, but it is also more attractive.

It is suggested to try when accumulating some creative experience and account operation needs breakthrough and transformation.

2) Generally speaking, video structure includes: topic selection, title, copywriting and content subject composition.

(1) Topic selection: topic selection determines the content direction, depth, breadth and interest.

A good topic selection is half the success.

Therefore, when planning topic selection, the team often needs to brainstorm together to find the most essential needs of target users; For example: what is the most effective way to lose weight after the age of 30.

So the question is, how to start with zero foundation and carry out high-quality topic selection planning? Recommend several methods of daily precipitation materials: observe the problems of customers in the venue, interview the coaches and teachers working in the venue, summarize through the hot search list of the self media platform itself, and retrieve and refine through the third-party data platform.

(2) Title: a good title can quickly let users understand the core value of this article.

Share the basic formula of a title: number + efficacy; For example: three methods: slim legs, zero basic weight loss for 21 days, small V face for 1 minute every day…

In the fast-paced video platform, efficient transmission of core information can accurately screen effective users to stay.

Don’t talk nonsense and procrastinate! (3) Copywriting: copywriting is the information clue that accompanies the content to advance and retreat when the user enters the video content.

The purpose of copywriting is to strengthen the core content of the video and occupy the user’s mind.

Therefore, whether we emphasize the core content of the video or do some emotional transmission from the core expression level of the video, it is a good form of presentation.

The focus is to resonate and make the people who see it feel “Oh, well, it’s reasonable and right”.

(4) Content subject: through the promotion of early work, the content subject will naturally appear in front of the audience.

Usually, the sports content subject needs to have several links: opening remarks, introduction of topics, problem principles, disassembly process and final effect.

In this process, the core and important thing is post production.

The same materials come out in the hands of post students of different styles, which are completely different data results.

Therefore, interesting, stemmed and fun video effects also need to be deeply cultivated in post production.

(5) IP style establishment: share a small skill to make it easier for content to break through homogenization and let fans remember you.

Find your own characteristics and zoom in on it.

Note: features are not advantages.

For example, a good smile, different intonation and voice line from others, good-looking eyes, great figure, a powerful yoga pose, oral broadcasting of a dialect, a look…

Can be used as the entry point for you to establish your style, so that this feature can be presented in the same position of each video in various forms to strengthen your memory, This will become the brand of content IP.

6、 Coach / teacher IP operation coach IP operation, intuitively speaking, is the second echelon of building account matrix in the venue.

The account belongs to both sides, but the core of the main producer of appearance and content is the coach himself.

Through the coach’s own IP focus, it can establish and show the contents of venue products, services, daily work and specialty in multiple dimensions, so as to strengthen user cognition and trust.

The advantage of building the second echelon is that it can enrich the content thickness of the brand account itself and increase the exposure; Empowering coaches, whether in terms of personal vocational skills or income, will be extended due to the transformation from offline to online; Stimulate the self drive of coaches and further promote the sense of mission of coaches and venue operation.

The problem is: due to the large personnel mobility of the fitness industry, it is particularly important to clarify the division of rights and responsibilities of both parties in the early stage of account establishment; The coach’s own work data vertical professional field content, changing thinking into the Internet mode takes a certain time to run in, and this process is bumpy.

1) IP personal positioning is in the process of personal IP incubation of coaches.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand the coach’s own personality characteristics, expression habits and professional expertise.

After fully understanding it, sort out the same type of accounts that can be used for reference as the template for the initial stage, first imitate and then surpass.

Secondly, the operation needs to standardize the content output, clarify the work process, and provide standardized content templates for coaches.

Coaches only need to complete the professional content according to the structural template, which can effectively improve each other’s work efficiency.

Third, from the perspective of shooting and presentation, the coach’s image, lens sense, script and expressiveness can be optimized while doing.

The content standard is not 100 points, and they are constantly moving forward in exploration and iteration..

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