What is the experience of practicing yoga for more than 3-5 years?

On the way to yoga, you are either doing yoga or paying attention to yoga.

When you first go to yoga class, you always run to the last yoga mat in the last row.

Now you just want the front row to be as close to the teacher as possible.

When you first go to yoga class, you always like to see what the students next to you do and wonder why they are so powerful.

Now you only focus on your practice, meet envious eyes, and just smile and tell them, Like them, I once took a selfie before the yoga class.

After class, I had to take a selfie and ask the teacher for help to create a “difficult shape”.

Now I’m used to coming to class and leaving directly in yoga clothes.

I’m just starting to go to yoga class.

I can’t do it without yoga clothes from beginning to end, It doesn’t matter how comfortable the shape is now.

It doesn’t matter if you wear a famous brand.

The state of practicing yoga is the key.

At the beginning of going to yoga class, you always tangle with your body.

Why is it so rigid here? Why can’t you use force? Now your body is as flexible as smeared with lubricating oil and as powerful as beating chicken blood.

At the beginning of going to yoga class, you run through vest lines, butterfly bones My waist is crying for thin legs and arms.

Now I have everything, but I don’t care.

Practicing every day is the most important thing.

At the beginning, I went to yoga class and relied on the teacher’s command and guidance.

Now I practice myself.

Is the yoga studio on holiday? traffic jam? Is it cold? The teacher is not free? When cultivating self-practice, these are not things.

Yoga is like this.

If you don’t stick to it for 3-5 years, you don’t know how powerful the charm of yoga is.

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