Why do they say that winter is the best time to practice yoga? I dare not be lazy after reading

When winter comes, most people reduce their exercise and want to stay in the warm quilt.

It’s so cold in winter, and the fat is enough to keep out the cold.

Do you need to practice yoga again? Of course! Moreover, winter is a good time to “store essence and Qi”.

There is even a saying that Yoga lasts 10 minutes in winter and 1 hour in summer.

Practicing yoga in winter can help you warm up, activate collaterals, improve immunity and stay away from the flu.

The reason why we should practice yoga in winter 1.

Winter yoga helps to store energy and prevent diseases.

In the body exercising in winter, the hematopoietic function will change significantly, which can improve the cold condition of hands and feet and enhance the body’s ability to resist diseases.

Practicing yoga in winter can very well promote blood circulation, deepen breathing, vigorous metabolism, increase the heat generated by the body and strengthen the body’s immunity.

As the saying goes, “if you move in winter, you will get less disease; if you are lazy in winter, you will drink more medicine”.


Winter yoga can exercise the will not afraid of cold.

Winter yoga can enhance the excitability of cerebral cortex, make the thermoregulation center adjust body temperature sensitively and accurately, adapt to the cold environment and improve people’s ability to resist the cold.

Therefore, compared with ordinary people, people who practice yoga in winter can enhance their cold resistance by 8 ~ 12 times.

Practicing yoga in winter can not only create a strong body, but also cultivate a strong will.

Most people don’t want to exercise in winter.

The main reason is sui sex.

Human nature is that the more comfortable, the better and the less trouble, the better.

Therefore, being able to adhere to yoga in winter is a strict self-discipline.


Practicing yoga in winter can prevent people from getting fat.

It is easier to get fat in winter than in summer, because winter is the season when people have the least activities.

People who do not exercise for a long time accumulate more fat.

People also appear bloated, have poor ability to resist diseases and do not sweat for a long time.

Practicing yoga at this time helps to maintain a healthy body.

The forward bending, backward bending, twisting and inverted three-dimensional yoga can stimulate glands, promote metabolism, regulate endocrine, and help us better maintain our shape.

Generally speaking, practicing yoga in winter is conducive to strengthening the body, detoxification, health preservation and keeping fit.

What should we pay attention to when practicing yoga in winter? 01.

Pay attention to keeping warm, especially those who like morning exercises.

They must wear trousers and clothes to practice.

It is best to close the window and leave a seam for ventilation.

Cover the blanket in the body posture.

Cover your feet or wear Yoga socks.


Extend the warm-up time.

Full warm-up can speed up the blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness, make the nerve endings of muscles react, prepare for in-depth practice and avoid injury.

In winter, the weather is cold and the body is relatively stiff.

In summer, the body may be hot after one or two sun salutations.

However, in winter, it is necessary to extend the warm-up time to make the body warm up, so as to minimize the incidence of injury.


Don’t rush into asana.

Once you are familiar with asana, it’s easy to ignore the process and enter asana directly.

In fact, the process is the most important.

Only when each key point is done correctly and the body can exert its force correctly, can the effect of asana gradually appear.

On the contrary, it will not only fail to realize the charm of yoga, but also cause damage to the body-   recommend  – Yoga station breathing meditation reading life yoga long press the QR code to pay attention to me..

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