Yoga asana 30 head to knee flexion extended sitting

The postures in yoga light from page 90 onwards are all related to lotus pose.

Some postures are also listed in ah Tang practice.

I can’t do lotus pose.

These postures behind me have not been practiced.

I don’t write them without experience.

I turned to page 104 of the light of yoga.

The posture on Page 103 looks very similar to 104.

I shouldn’t have practiced, so I won’t write it.

This pose is an enhanced version of sitting, standing and bending forward.

Several points to pay attention to: 1.

There is an obtuse angle between the thighs.

The larger the angle, the better.

2 bend your knees and put your big toes close to the inside of your straight leg.

3 heel against perineum.

4 straighten your legs, straighten your instep, and press your toes forward and down.

5 put your forehead, nose and chin next to the straight leg, and then put your head on the left or right side of the straight leg.

6 before preparing for practice, move the landing leg from the inside to the outside, move the thigh, move the hip, and adjust the position to make yourself sit more stable.


If you can’t do it, do the body flexion and extension, reach your limit, and consciously lift the position of the groin and roll it inward, rather than winding your hand and pulling yourself forward to stick to your thigh.

In this way, your body flexion will be easier, not by hand.

(the awareness of this muscle is poor, and it is difficult to pass through) head to knee flexion and extension sitting related exercises, small figure, some postures to help warm up: it’s the fourth day of work, very good…

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