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Yoga deep meditation relaxation [voice guidance]

As for meditation, meditation is a very precious practice method in yoga.

It is to achieve meditation, open heart knot, heal body and mind, relieve stress, and is also very effective in controlling emotions.

What is meditation? Concentration is the primary stage of meditation, and samadhi is the advanced stage of meditation.

The definition of Yoga Sutra: concentration is to focus on one place, one thing or one idea.

Continuous concentration can reach the realm of meditation.

Quietly with your breath, following the voice and connecting with your inner self is a very practical meditation guide.

The best time for meditation: it’s best to get up in the morning or in the evening.

It can also be carried out when no one bothers and needs to relax and reduce pressure.

Sitting position during meditation: you can sit on a yoga mat, a chair, or any position that can keep the pelvis upright and the spine stable and upright.

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