Yoga is an adventure offline Book Club (phase II)

Happy offline communication time     Meditation before the reading meeting – Meditation in the conscious space: our hearts are compared to the magic house.

There are all kinds of thoughts, emotions, feelings, expectations, fears, visions, the past and the future…

When we focus only on the content in the space, we forget to enjoy the space in the room, and our hearts will feel limited, The key to the problem is not how to deal with thoughts and emotions, but whether our hearts have enough space? When our hearts have enough awareness space, the problem becomes very small.

When our hearts are tight and there is no space, the problem becomes very large.

The real practice is to live in the space of awareness.

Yoga practices our ability to live in awareness through the observation of body, breath, thought and emotion in an all-round way.

     Yijia explains the three virtues of yoga, kindness, passion and ignorance, and leads us to experience the interpretation of the three virtues in our life from the role attributes.

Finally, we should surpass the role through the awareness practice of yoga, surpass the role through the role, and surpass the three virtues through the three virtues.

      The muddle headed baby who reads carefully thinks while reading.

He doesn’t understand the age code while comparing with the people around him.

Some people rush forward very hard and look worried, but their physiological age still looks very young.

Why? Hahaha, I feel good reading while gossiping.

It seems that I can’t look at it.

It’s natural if this person enjoys hard work, hard work and doesn’t worry about the results.

Natural is to obey our own heart.

We can’t judge anything.

Be a natural person with awareness, play in binary opposition, and be full of joy to achieve your perfection in this uncertain world…

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