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Yoga is suitable for ladies to be a quiet woman, elegant and lasting

Global fitness club yoga in the current fast-paced life, many people are overwhelmed, and many people begin to pay no attention to the management of their body and skin.

Many people will gradually lose more luster because of trivial things.

They may have more confusion in life, so they have no time to take into account their own image management.

At this time, if you can stop in a hurry to choose to practice yoga, you can be an elegant woman without losing charm, and you can also choose a more way of life when practicing yoga.

When you are tired, do a group of exercises with the combination of Yoga body and legs.

This posture can calm the mood, stretch the muscles of the back, calm the nervous system and stimulate the spinal nerves.

It can also achieve the relaxation effect for the heart and legs, which is conducive to the health of the body.

Lie directly on your back on the sofa, put your hands on both sides of your body, put your feet together, put your hands close to the sofa, and gradually raise your legs up and keep them straight.

You can arch up the waist and hips gradually until your legs are parallel to the ground for about 5 ~ 6 seconds, then hold your knees around your legs with both hands, bend your knees, and directly clamp your head with the inside of your knees.

Yoga kowtow can effectively promote the blood circulation of the head, achieve the effect of preventing dizziness and insomnia, reduce fine lines, make the skin shiny all the time, stretch the spine and let people have physical and mental vitality.

Kneel directly on the yoga mat, two hands are naturally vertical, the spine extends upward, the trunk gradually bends forward, the head contacts the ground, the thighs remain vertical with the ground, two hands straighten back, grasp the heels on both sides, the hips gradually return to the heels, slowly lift the trunk and enter a short rest state, which can be repeated 10 ~ 15 times.

Yoga Headstand is one of the handstands.

Doing more of this posture can effectively calm the mind.

It can also improve circulation, quickly improve digestion, strengthen the body, land on the knees, lean the two elbows on the ground, land on the top of the head, gradually leave the two knee covers off the ground, and carefully move the legs to both elbows.

The inverted V-shape is directly formed, and the elbows of both hands are always on the ground in the whole process, which can effectively protect the neck from compression, keep the spine straight, and can not be bent back.

The two legs are bent in the shape of frog legs, and the two hands are separated in the shape of eight characters.

The skilled person can appropriately increase the maintenance time for 5 ~ 10 seconds.

Practicing yoga can effectively keep your mind clear, teach you how to treat people and things, be a light woman and maintain elegance, you should insist on practicing yoga.

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