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Yoga on five levels of body

Yoga asanas exercise the whole body, revitalize all physiological systems, and finally make physical and mental health.

Because each individual style makes the body and mind exercise at the same time.

The body consists of five aspects or levels: (1) body level – anatomical classification, including skin, muscle and bone, which is the outer layer; (2) Life energy level – physiological classification, including circulatory system, respiratory system, secretory system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine or glandular system and reproductive system; (3) Psychological level – the classification of mind or psychology, including consciousness and various emotions; (4) Intelligence level – intelligence body; (5) Joy level – the spiritual level is the innermost level of soul habitat.

The content is excerpted from the editor / Linda of Iyengar women’s Yoga.

The meeting is very short and the attention is very long..

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