Yoga open hip misunderstanding detailed explanation, everyone should know yoga! (hip opening sequence attached)

When practicing yoga, one word can not be avoided: hip opening.

Many people even think that hip opening should be linked to the pain of stretching in this pose! In fact, for adults, our bones have been shaped.

We must be careful to avoid strain when practicing some large hip opening postures! Many Jia people believe that the hip opening posture is nothing more than: horizontal fork and vertical fork.

In fact, hip opening is balanced in six directions: external rotation, abduction, internal rotation, adduction, flexion and extension.

For example, when practicing downward dog pose, the hip joint is in a flexion state, which is also a direction of the flexible hip, which can also be called hip opening.

Therefore, the more painful the posture, the better the effect of hip opening! The hip opening sequence shared today is simple and persistent.

It also has the effect of flexible hip! Pose 01.

Cat cow enters cat cow inhale, pelvis forward, extend spine exhale, roll tailbone, including chest bow back core and rib tightening, practice pose 8-10 times repeatedly 02.

Lower dog enters lower dog and stops for 5-8 breathing poses 03.

Lizard steps right leg to the outside of right hand, elbows fall to the ground, spine extends exhale, tighten core and maintain 5-8 breathing poses 04 Exit from the lizard pose in the crescent backward bend, inhale on the left leg, extend the spine, exhale, tighten the core, clasp the chest with the back and mouth of both hands, open the body slightly backward, and maintain 5-8 breathing postures 05.

Exit from the crescent pose in the semi God monkey pose, enter the semi God monkey pose with the right thigh vertical to the ground, straighten the left leg and hook the toe back, and maintain 10-12 breathing postures 06 The downward dog pose returns to the downward dog pose and stops for 5-8 breathing poses 07.

The soldier enters the warrior in one form and inhales in one form.

The left leg extends forward and the spine, and the hands keep 5-8 breathing poses upward.


The warrior exhale in two forms, enter the warrior two forms and rotate the left hip outward.

The pelvis keeps stable for 5-8 breathing poses 09.

The double angle extension exits the warrior two forms and inhales forward with the toes pointing forward, Extend the spine and exhale upward, fold the hips and keep 5-8 breathing postures.


Enter the magic chair exhale, tighten the core, bend the hips and knees and keep 5-8 breathing postures.


Stand forward and bend back to the front, and stay 5-8 breathing postures.


Enter the squat, rotate the hips outward, exhale, tighten the core and keep the back straight, Stop for 8-10 breathing tips: pose 03-08, pay attention to changing the other side to practice once-   recommend  – Yoga station breathing meditation reading life yoga long press the QR code to pay attention to me..

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