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Yoga open shoulder open hip hot for so long, shoulder and hip joint in the end how to open?

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! When practicing yoga, people are not unfamiliar with yoga, but have you ever thought about how to open the shoulder and hip joint after opening the shoulder and hip joint for so long? Can the shoulder rotate 360 degrees to achieve Yoga wheel? Can you easily lie on the frog and do a word horse split and cross? NO! First of all, shoulder and hip opening is never defined by being able to do a certain individual, it is all-round.

For example, the flexibility of the shoulder and hip joint is judged by the flexion and extension, abduction and adduction, internal rotation and external rotation of the shoulder and hip joint.

Being able to do a certain yoga movement can only represent his good flexibility in a certain direction, not all.

Secondly, the flexibility of shoulder and hip joint in real life is relatively speaking, not absolute.

For some special occupational groups, the flexibility of shoulder and hip joint is called flexibility only when it exceeds the limit of their anatomical position.

For example, straight horse, cross fork, extreme back bend, etc.

The range of motion of shoulder and hip joint flexion / extension abduction / adduction internal rotation / external rotation shoulder joint 180 degrees / 50 degrees 180 degrees / 45 degrees 70 degrees / 90 degrees hip joint 120 degrees / 30 degrees 40 degrees / 25 degrees 25 degrees / 45 degrees.

For the general public, the flexibility of shoulder and hip joint is the flexibility to maintain the basic health of human body.

Insufficient or excessive exceeding this angle (insufficient joints will be too stiff and too joints will be unstable) will have a certain impact on the health of the body.

Therefore, for ordinary Yoga people who pursue health, it can be called flexible when the shoulder and hip joint is opened to the anatomical angle of the normal human body.

There is no need to lie on the frog, a horse, a cross fork and rotate the shoulder 360 degrees.

Practice yoga.

If your shoulder and hip joints have exceeded the normal movement angle, you don’t need to open your shoulders and hips too much.

You can do some exercises to strengthen stability.

If your shoulder and hip joint is lower than the normal movement angle of the shoulder and hip joint, then you need to do some shoulder and hip opening exercises.

You can measure it yourself according to the above data.

Finally, the yogi will make it up for those with stiff shoulders and hips to share 2 sets of classic shoulder and hip opening exercises.

Remember to collect them.

1、 Shoulder opening sequence 1.

Stand forward flexion + ten fingers reverse cross buckle mountain standing, with feet the same width as the hip, hands cross buckle behind the body, shoulder blades retracted, inhaled, spine extended upward, exhale, straight back forward and downward, keep the back extended, neck relaxed 2.

Dolphin four corner kneeling position on the mat, toes hooked back, hands embracing elbows, measure the distance between elbows, forearms and elbows on the ground, Put your fingertips forward, raise your hips, straighten your legs, step your heels down, keep your shoulders away from your ears, and create space for your neck.


King Kong kneeling + anti prayer King Kong kneeling and standing on the mat, holding your hands on the ground to straighten your body, close your hands behind your body, turn your shoulders back and down, keep your shoulder blades close to each other, open your chest, and put your hands close to each other as much as possible.


Stand in Eagle mountain style and lift your left leg up, Wrap around your right leg, hold your hands flat on your side, your right hand up and your left hand down, hold your shoulders, keep your big arms still, wrap your forearms around each other, keep your fingertips upward for 5-8 breaths, and Practice on the opposite side.


Bow down on the mat, put your hands on both sides of your chest, bend your knees, keep your heels close to your hips, grasp your ankles or insteps with both hands, lift your thighs upward when you exhale, keep your heels away from your hips, and raise your head and chest, Open the front side of the shoulder.


King Kong kneeling + cow face hand King Kong kneeling.

Lift the right side of the body, bend the elbow and lower the left hand.

When you come to the body, buckle with the right hand.

The shoulder sinks downward, keep the elbow close to the middle, and keep 5-8 breaths.

Practice the opposite side.


Needle piercing four corner kneeling posture.

The knee inhales directly below the hip, and the right hand extends upward.

When exhaling, it passes under the body, Point your fingertips to the left, untie your left hand forward, lift it over your head, look at the inside of your big arm, keep your hips centered, repeat the practice of reverse 8 and 8-twist, lie prone on the right side of the cushion, hold your left hand flat, push your palm upward, twist your body to the right, put your head on the brick, cross your right hand with your left hand, bend your knees, and step on the ground.

If you can’t do it, you can keep your right side lying 9 Prone cross lying prone on the mat, with both hands under the forehead, with the left hand up and the right hand down.

When exhaling from each other, extend and lengthen the fingers to both sides as much as possible, keep 5-8 breaths, and change the opposite side to Practice II.

Hip opening sequence 1.

Sleeping pigeon downward dog is ready to take a big step forward with the left leg, bend the knee between the two hands, fall behind the knee, and keep the instep on the ground, Keep the hips in the middle, inhale, extend the spine upward, exhale, bend forward and downward, straighten the arms forward, keep the chest close to the ground for one minute, and change the opposite side exercise 2.

Sit on the mat in square style, straighten the spine, put the left leg on the right leg, align the ankle with the knee, and keep the body forward and downward when exhaling, keep the elbows close to the ground for one minute, and change the opposite side exercise 3 In horse riding downward dog pose, step your left leg forward, come between your hands, the front big and small legs are 90 °, inhale on the back side’s knees and insteps, push your thighs to straighten your spine, exhale and sink your hips down for one minute, and Practice on the opposite side.


In lizard downward dog pose, inhale, lift your left leg up, exhale, step your left leg forward, come to the outside of your left hand, step on the inside of your front foot, Bend the elbow with the back of the knee and the instep close to the ground, the forearm close to the ground, open the chest, extend the spine for one minute, and Practice on the opposite side.


Prepare for the downward dog pose of Warrior II, inhale, step the right leg forward to 90 ° between the two hands, buckle the rear foot in, straighten the hind leg, inhale, lift both hands flat, stand upright and exhale upward, turn your head to look at the fingertip of the right hand for one minute, and Practice on the opposite side.

6 Magic chair variant mountain standing, with feet separated by the same width as the hip, lift the left leg, put the ankle above the right knee, inhale and lift the arm, bend the hip and knee down when exhaling, extend the fingers upward, sit the hip backward and downward for one minute, and change the opposite side practice.


Squatting mountain standing, with feet slightly wider than the hip and toes outward 45 °, bend the knees and squat down when exhaling, The body is embedded in the inner side of the thigh, the elbow pushes the knee to open to the side, the hip sits down and sits low.


Sit on the cushion at an angle, open the legs to suit yourself, hook the feet back, inhale, push the hand to the ground to stand up and straighten the spine.

When exhaling, the body moves forward and downward, the elbow inhales to extend the back, exhale again forward and downward, and the forehead touches the ground.


Kneel at the four corners of the frog, The thigh is perpendicular to the ground, the right knee is opened to the side, put it on the blanket, keep the knee and ankle at 90 °, bend down and support the elbow or chest against the ground for one minute.


Half happy baby lie on his back on the cushion, bend his right knee, lean his thigh towards the abdomen, grasp his right foot with his right hand, slowly straighten his lower leg perpendicular to the ground, open his right leg to the side for one minute, and change the opposite side 11 Supine cow face supine on the cushion, cross your legs to the abdomen, grasp the outside of your feet with both hands respectively, extend to both sides for one minute, change the opposite side to practice.

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