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Yoga pants are simple and atmospheric, instantly improve the beautiful temperament, and it is also beautiful to wear slightly fat

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                     Yoga pants are simple and atmospheric.

It doesn’t mean that your lower body is particularly perfect.

Nothing is tight or loose.

It’s also very OK on the whole.

When wearing camel pants, you must pay attention not to wear all white puffy pants or cake pants, which will make your upper body darker.

Try to choose long puffy pants or yoga pants with a sense of hierarchy, including short ones, which can also keep your upper body whiter.

But don’t choose too fluffy styles for such clothes, which will feel a little cumbersome.

The dress is full of vitality, so it can fit its own temperament and appear thin and tall.

If you want to match the fashion feeling, it may seem a little restless on such a hot day.

Leggings bring a variety of temperament, charm bloom at any time, more pure and moving.

The inner top can be matched with a solid color shirt with slightly loose conditions.

In this way, it can also weaken the limitations of jeans and make the whole matching look more changeable.

Shoes can choose casual board shoes or flat canvas shoes, so it won’t be too embarrassing to go back and forth.

Long and short clothes, long and short clothes and long and short skirts are relatively neutral.

For example, long and short jeans with short skirts, so the proportion is more suitable for taller girls.

The combination of fresh sailor clothes, exquisite bags and high waist pants will make the leg lines more perfect.

Let’s introduce a very temperament suspender matching scheme: This suspender is a very good suspender,.

For example, the combination of leopard print shawl, which is more jumping than the color shown in the figure below, will easily personalize the whole.

The long skirt is too thin, not only not beautiful in terms of effect, but also not very friendly to the body.

The French headdress is elegant, and the straight floral Leggings are comfortable to the skin.

The hollowed out design of this shirt and the lace bow design we usually see can see full French style.

Fairies who like the elegant feeling can consider the elegant yarn pants style.

Each piece has its own unique characteristics.

If you grasp this characteristic, you will definitely get extra points.

In fact, not only suspenders or T-shirts, but also Leggings can give us waistline.

Another point about stripe wearing is that it doesn’t have high requirements for leg shape, and the upper body is a little thinner and doesn’t look so bloated.

Touching bottoms add calm temperament, comfort and temperament, comfortable and fashionable.

Choose a knitted cardigan with bright decoration to add a sense of style.

For the folding and wearing method of leggings, you can choose a splice or a lap at the waist.

Girls who like to wear denim coats with red trousers can also choose the same color as the lower body, which can make the coat more coordinated and the whole more harmonious.

Leisure series can match with a fashionable loose top, choose dark, dark brown and dark blue, and don’t have high requirements for body.

Open backed bell bottomed pants show thin effect and show belly, so they are sought after.

This off shoulder top is not only slim, but also covers the fat of the arm, making it thinner.

The fluffy skirt is very age reducing.

With the youthful and energetic ponytail, it has become the favorite yoga pants of the student girls.

The short T is very neat and the overall height is raised.

Black knitted Leggings are matched with suspenders with printed elements.

Does the overall matching look very spiritual! Windbreaker black wide leg pants and small white shoes! Windbreaker is the simplest style of windbreaker, but it looks very good with the following items.

The overall collocation is natural, clean and refreshing!…

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