Yoga pants have their own immortality, which is a simple beauty with full marks

Yoga pants have their own immortality, which is a simple beauty with full marks.

In fact, the matching skills of yoga pants are not complex.

Effective color matching skills and single product matching skills are enough to add color to your look.

Today, Xiaobian summarized several color matching skills of wearing yoga pants, so that you can easily wear high-grade clothes! No matter how loose the top is, you should also choose small pants.

Unless you have a super strong top that doesn’t pick the body, you should try to choose the style with pants as much as possible.

In this way, you will not only look slim, but also show your temperament! Short or long tops, this is a problem.

The most popular yoga pants in the fashion circle this year are not only thin, but also create extreme long legs.

Therefore, it is more popular for girls with legs in recent years.

If your pants are long yoga pants, you must choose the length just right to your thighs, otherwise it will appear very short.

If you want to tighten your figure, you should choose suitable pants.

The collocation of the same color system shows a more advanced sense.

Many looks are collocation of the same color system.

They will look good no matter how they are worn.

The coat is a darker camel color, and the long pants are sharp high collar flowers, which are all very good.

Here we should add a suit, coat or shirt to show a sense of hierarchy.

Here, Xiaobian thinks it will be better to match with the shirt, because the pattern of the shirt will jump and attract more attention.

If the long lower garment is small shorts, you can choose the style of sling edge.

Color selection is the most important.

In addition, if girls are low-key, they can choose coat + knitting, and a small coat is enough! If you choose the type of pants, have you noticed that the length of Yoga Pants covers the ankle, which shows that the length is very suitable for the ankle.

Hip Wrap pants are also OK.

In fact, many pants and Hip Wrap pants will have a lasting appeal together, but this doesn’t need to be too tight.

It’s OK to be slim, and the hem still needs to be rolled up, which is more stylish.

Pants are matched with knitted pants or long sleeved shirts, so I think we can also choose knitwear.

White knitwear can set off our charming leg shape, and it is also very harmonious to match with trousers.

Whether it’s a coat, coat or jacket, it’s best to take the color of the coat as the standard, such as some dark brown coats, then you’ll wear a pair of black hip pants.

Or if you choose a jacket, choose a gray, choose dark blue, dark jeans are also OK, and choosing the color of the coat is very important! So it looks very comfortable! To sum up, choose appropriate bottoms for different styles of pants.

Don’t wear these pants into overalls with short legs.

Here we talk about shoes.

Generally speaking, they are longer than the middle of the thigh to the knee.

If you swing from the upper and lower thighs to the lower middle of the lower leg, you will appear to have no aura.

Yoga pants have their own immortality, which is a simple beauty with full marks…

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