Yoga pose suitable for women over 30 years old. It is recommended to adhere to it every day!

Women face great pressure to maintain a balance between life and career.

Housework, endless to-do, taking care of children and the elderly, after these things, you can hardly find time and energy for yourself.

This makes exercise more important.

Nothing is better than yoga.

Yoga can not only stretch muscles and relax the body, but also calm the mind, which is necessary for a long and healthy life.

Today, I recommend several yoga postures suitable for women, which can be practiced every day.

The cat / cow is on the ground on all fours, the thighs are perpendicular to the ground directly below the hips, the arms are perpendicular to the ground directly below the shoulders, and the hands and fingers are separated to compact the ground.

Cat style: exhale, including chest arch back, chin looking for clavicle, eyes looking at navel, back up as far as possible, in arc cow style: inhale, raise your head, straighten your chest, hips up, abdomen tightening and sinking, repeat several rounds.

Downward dog pose starts with four limbs on the ground, shoulders below the wrists and hips above the knees.

Inhale, lift your hips up and straighten your elbows and knees in an inverted v.

Press your hands on the ground and extend your neck.

Keep breathing a few times, then bend your knees and return to table pose.

Stand half forward, about 60 cm from the wall.

Face the wall.

Inhale, extend the spine, exhale, and half bend forward.

Put your palm on the wall in front of you.

Make sure your hands are straight and keep your body relaxed.

Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

Strengthen the side extension standing, about 30 cm away from the wall.

Face the wall.

Inhale with your left foot close to the wall (toe touching the wall).

Bend forward and lean your forehead against the wall.

Stretch your hands up and put your palms on the wall.

Make sure your hands are straight and keep your body relaxed.

Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Stand with your feet together on the ground.

Inhale and raise your right hand over your head.

Bend slowly to the left from the waist.

Bend as much as possible.

Hold your position for a few breaths, then straighten and Practice on the other side.

Stand in the backward bending mountain style, with the gravity evenly distributed on the feet, the hands clasped behind the back, the hips pushed forward slightly, and then the backward bending chest unfolds backward, and the head should bend back with the extension line of the spine backward bending.

Stand with your feet together at the end of the mat (mountain pose).

Inhale, step back with your right foot and turn your body to the long side of the mat.

Clasp your hands behind you, stretch your torso, inhale and lengthen your chest.

Exhale and bend forward as much as possible while balancing your weight.

Position your head toward the ground and push your hips toward the ceiling.

Pull your hand to the ground and keep breathing a few times.

Bridge supine with feet hip width apart.

Bend your knees and put your hands on your sides.

Inhale, feet on the ground, gently lift your hips.

Press your arms and shoulders on the ground, lengthen your tailbone and straighten your chest.

Hold this position for a while.

Baby kneel on the ground with toes together and knees slightly apart.

Put your hands on your thighs.

Exhale and lower the torso forward.

Your abdomen should be on your thighs and your head should be on a cushion between your knees.

Put your hands forward.

Keep breathing evenly several times, inhale, and then return to the starting position…

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