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Yoga, yoga teacher said “open chest”, 90% of people actually did wrong!

Practice yoga.

In yoga class, people may often hear that the yoga teacher says “open the chest”.

There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but 90% of beginners who don’t understand yoga may have done wrong.

Why do you say that? First of all, beginners may not know where the chest is as the yoga teacher said.

Even those who have practiced yoga for a long time may not really know the specific location of the chest.

Secondly, how to open the chest? The word “open” is too abstract.

Beginners may not know how to implement it, so they have to “open” it in their own way.

Finally, “open the chest”, to what extent? What kind of chest is the open chest? Beginners are confused.

Therefore, many times, yoga teachers say “open the chest”.

Gamma people either push the chest forward, or make the ribs protrude, or step on the waist and hips, or push the pelvis forward, and so on.

1、 First, solve the first problem and find the position of the chest.

From the perspective of yoga anatomy, the chest is a cavity surrounded by sternum, thoracic vertebrae and ribs, and the upper boundary is the upper opening of the chest connected with the neck; The lower boundary is separated from the abdominal cavity by diaphragm.

Organs such as the heart and the lungs in charge of breathing are in the chest.

Simply put, above the diaphragm is the thoracic cavity and below the diaphragm is the abdominal cavity.

From the position of the chest above, we can extract three important points: 1.

The chest is a cavity and three-dimensional.

Then, opening the chest is the opening of the whole vertical space; So, open the chest, not push it out; 2.

In terms of the front side of the body, the position above and on both sides of the sternum is the thorax, not the false rib below the sternum; Therefore, opening the chest is to open the position above and on both sides of the sternum, not the rib protrusion; 3.

The most important heart of the human body and the lungs in charge of breathing are in the chest.

Therefore, if the space of the chest is reduced, it will affect breathing and lead to chest tightness.

This is why the practice of opening the chest will help breathing.

2、 How to open the chest correctly before telling you how to open the chest correctly, first of all, we need to find out the third problem we mentioned above, that is, what is the ultimate goal of opening the chest.

After understanding the position of the chest cavity, Jia people should know that opening the chest cavity is not only the opening of the front side of the body, but the expansion of the longitudinal and transverse area of the whole chest cavity, including the front side, rear side, left side, right side and the whole three-dimensional space up and down.

The goal of opening the chest is to achieve the opening, expansion and extension of the whole three-dimensional space.

Secondly, let’s understand that the wrong physical performance of opening the chest is that the chest is pushed forward and upward, the abdomen is elongated, the ribs protrude, the valgus waist and back space is shortened, the lumbar spine is squeezed, the pelvis is tilted forward or moved forward, the shoulder blades are too close to the middle line of the body and fall down, the rear ribs are closed, the breathing is limited, the body is nervous, etc.

these wrong physical performances just move the position of the chest, There is no room to expand the chest.

Therefore, if the above physical performance occurs during the practice of opening the chest, you need to stop and make some adjustments.

Methods and steps for correctly opening the chest: 1.

The body is in a neutral position, whether standing or sitting, or raising and bending your arms.

When opening the chest, your body should first maintain a neutral position.


Inhale, and the chest expands up and down, left and right, front and back at the same time.

The shoulder peak is extended backward, the clavicle is widened to both sides, the armpit is lifted up, the upper end of the shoulder blade is pushed forward, and the lower end is backward, Then widen to both sides, push back the front wall of the thoracic vertebra (focus on the front wall of the thoracic vertebra), and pay attention not to tighten the stomach or excessively close the ribs.


If you find that the pelvis rotates backward and the thigh moves forward in the process of doing, you need to guide the practice of pushing the thigh backward.

Seeing the above practice steps, it is estimated that many beginners are confused again.

Why is it so troublesome to open the chest, but you might as well try to practice and see what is different from your previous practice.

In fact, it’s easy to feel the expansion of the chest up and down, and it’s easy to find the on both sides of the chest.

Generally, Jia people can do it through horizontal breathing.

In this, it’s difficult to feel the front and back of the chest, especially the back.

Then, with regard to the expansion of the front of the chest, Jia people can find the feeling with the help of the extension.

For the expansion of the rear of the chest, Jia people can find the feeling by lying on their back or standing against the wall, and pay more attention to the back of the shoulder blade.

Finally, I want to tell beginners that yoga is never a simple thing, but we can start by opening our chest and work together.

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