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Yogi’s theory of earth, Ke Ju Phi Xun Volume 28

The yogi said that the monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty was instructed to translate Han Qingjing Keji, the third son of the second Yoga place in the world.

Learn 4 ugly one.

What is learning? Ugliness 2.

The mark is three wins.

Ugly three, list one, increase precepts, two, increase mind, three, increase wisdom.

[it is said that three scholars are three winners: three studies are convenient, only saints have, and do not share the outside world, so it is a scenic spot, and its name is also increased.] ugly four, interpretation 2 Yin one, slightly distinguish 3 Mao one, increase the three hour one of precepts, why do you increase precepts? Chen II.

The interpretation says that it is safe to live with precepts, as previously said.

Chen three, knot is a name to increase the precepts.

Mao 2.

Increase mental learning 2 Chen 1.

How can you increase mental learning? Chen 2, Shi 2 Si 1, give all 2 noon, 1 and 4 meditation, that is, leaving desire and evil is not good at law.

There is seeking, waiting, leaving life and joy.

When you enter the first meditation, you can have enough peace of mind, and even when you can enter the fourth meditation, you can have enough peace of mind.

It is called increasing mental learning.

On the second day of the afternoon, colorless and other colorless, and all the others hold and reach, which are also called increasing the mind.

[also the colorless ones: this saying is colorless and so on, and all the other holding and so on, are as much as the three dharmas should know.

(Volume 11, page 834 of the book of Mausoleum)] second, it is obvious that it is better to rely on meditation, and can initially enter the holy meaning of the present, and the right nature can leave life, not completely away from all meditation.

Therefore, meditation is the most unique, so it is said to increase the study of mind.

Mao III.

increasing wisdom and learning 3 Chen I.

why do you increase wisdom and learning? Chen II.

Explain all truthful and wise opinions such as the four holy truths.

Chen three, knot is a name to increase wisdom.

Yin 2 and Guang 2, Mao 1 and three learning respectively, 6 Chen 1 and 3 Si 1.

Ask: why is there only three learning, not less or more? II.

Answer 2 noon 1.

Standard meaning answer: establish the definition, follow the righteousness, and handle the righteousness.

2:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:00.


Who is the applicant? Shen III.

explain the precepts and build a state of mind, which can make his heart touch Samadhi.

Second, the meaning of wisdom.


Those who apply for one and mark the meaning of wisdom are called increasing mental learning.


Who is the applicant? Shen 3.

Explain that you should have a positive mind, think about the nature of the environment, and have truthful wisdom and truthful views on what you know.

Third, do what you have done.


Those who apply for one and bid for what you have done are called increasing wisdom and learning.


Who is the applicant? Shen 3.

Interpretation is good, pure, intelligent and visible, which can prove the judgment of all troubles.

It is self righteousness and profit to break with trouble, which is what victory has done, and there is no victory after this.

Third, the reason is karma, only three learning.

Chen 2, second 3, Si 1.

Ask: why is the third school so second? Second, answer 2 noon, don’t distinguish and answer: first, the corpse is good and clean, so there is no worry and regret; No worries and regrets, joy and happiness; By having fun, you can get a positive mind; The mind is determined, so it can know and see truthfully; Truthfully know and see, so you can get tired; Detestation from dyeing; Therefore, you will be free from infection; [happy and happy person: samadhi said in many places: happy person refers to the person who is originally pure, observes the land of resources and grain, and practices the pure practice without regret, comforts the mind and is happy.

Happy person refers to the person who gives priority to the convenience of practice, deeply celebrates the joy and is happy.

Peaceful person refers to the person who is free from stress and physical and mental adjustment.

Happy person refers to the person who is free from physical and mental damage and liberation through the adjustment of the heart.

Happy person refers to the person who is free from the other product Heavy nature, therefore, can be liberated from all troubles.

(Volume 11, page 3 841 of the book of Mausoleum) this should be accurately explained.] being liberated, therefore, proves that there is no nirvana.

On the second day of the afternoon, it was slightly like this.

At first, I practiced the pure precepts and gradually became interested.

Later, I proved that there was no nirvana.

It is already three years old, so the three studies are in order.

[he who proves that there is no Nirvana: what he has done is done, and there is no victory over what he has done.

Therefore, the name of doing nothing is no learning, so he says that there is no nirvana.

He thinks and says: if the Brahman does what he has done, he should do it several times, and more than what he should do, he should know that this is not the true Brahman.

If the Brahman proves that what the Brahman should do, surpasses all Sakya shores and lives on land, he should know that this is the true Brahman Door.

(Volume 18, page 10, 1563 of the book of Mausoleum) its meaning should be known.] Chen San, the name increased by 2.

Si Yi, ask: Why are the three names of the school increased by precepts, heart and wisdom? Second, answer 2 noon 1, standard meaning answer: the most interesting righteousness is the most superior righteousness, which is called zengshang.

Afternoon 2, with interpretation 2 Weiyi, what is interesting 3 Shenyi, what is interesting about Zhengyun? Shen 2.

It is said that in order to increase the interest of the mind and practice the pure precepts, the name increases the precepts.

Cultivate concentration for the sake of increasing wisdom, which is called “mind learning”.

Cultivate wisdom and opinions for fun and trouble, and increase wisdom and learning.

Shen 3.

If the knot is called Suoyi, it is called zengshang.

Wei 2, the most victorious righteousness 3 Shen 1, what is the most victorious righteousness? Shen 2.

It is explained that if you increase the study of precepts, mind and wisdom, only the holy religion has these three unique characteristics and does not share the outside world.

Shen 3.

The knot is called the most righteous, so it is called zengshang.

Chen 4.

Cause difference 2.

One, mark, or increasing mental learning can lead to increasing mental learning, or increasing mental learning can lead to increasing mental learning.

On the first day of the second day of the second interpretation, Hui triggered the mind.

It is said that before the saint disciples get fundamental meditation, they first learn to see signs, and then break all the troubles caused by entering and breaking the cultivation path.

They are doing more frequently, practicing mindfulness and even giving up mindfulness, which is called increasing wisdom and triggering increasing mind learning.

[those who call the saint disciple to the Shure Jue branch: This shows that the disciples of all saints may have a basis, but they have already demonstrated their view.

Therefore, they say that they should learn to see signs before they have a fundamental meditation.

From then on, the Shure Jue branch, and even the Shure Jue branch, are seven kinds of Jue branches.

Among the seven Jue branches, reading is the first, giving up is the back, and there is no middle.

They say that they are the supreme words.] at noon, the mind leads to wisdom.

Going to the mind school leads to scholars who increase wisdom, As already said.

[as has been said before: it is said as before: the mind can be determined, so it can know and see truthfully.

That is, increasing the mind learning leads to the knowledge that should be known to increase the wisdom learning.] Chen 5.

Whether there is learning or not.


Have one, raise differences, or increase the precepts, without increasing the mind and wisdom; Or increase the precepts, also increase the mind, but not increase the wisdom; Not to increase wisdom and learning, but not to increase precepts and mind.

Therefore, if you increase wisdom, you should know that there must be three studies.

Second, diligent study.

Among the three kinds of studies established here, all yogis should study diligently.

Chen 6.

According to the present view 4.

Si 1.

The standard complex has three kinds of supplementary tegaro, and according to these three learning into the present view.

What is the third sign? Three, one, not from desire, two, twice from desire, three, from desire.

The fourth day, the third day of the interpretation, the first day of the afternoon and the flow of evidence, we should know this, and those who have not left all their desires, practice and practice frequently and enter the essence of the present view; Since the present view of the various meanings has been obtained, the evidence is expected to flow the results.

On the second day of the afternoon, those who have a double desire to leave will bear fruit at that time.

On the third day of the afternoon, if the card has not been returned, the card will not return the fruit at that time.

Mao 2, the most successful difference is 2 Chen 1, 3 roots 2 Si 1, and there are three labeled names.

1、 The unknown wants to know the root.

Second, know the root.

Third, have the root.

The second day of the Ming Dynasty, the second day of the Ming Dynasty, and the first day of the afternoon, what are the three roots of the clouds? Afternoon 2, interpretation 3 Weiyi.

The unknown desire to know the root means that those who do not see the various truths, practice the various truths, and establish the unknown desire to know the root.

Second, if the known root has been seen in the various meanings, and there is learning, then the known root is established.

Third, have knowledge roots.

If arhat has done it and lives without a degree, establish a knowledge root based on it.

Chen 2 and 3 liberation doors 2 already 1.

There are three liberation doors in the list of names.

1、 Empty liberation door, two, no wish liberation door, three, no phase liberation door.

Two days later, the Ming Dynasty established three noon one.

How to establish three liberation doors? Afternoon 2, interpretation 2, Weiyi, cite the known territory 3, apply for one, and mark that there are slightly two kinds of known territory.

Application 2.

Listed and non owned.

Shen San, Shi 2 unitary one, there are 3 Xu one, marked with two kinds.

Xu II.

One of them is promising, and the other is inaction.


explain in action, and say that the three realms belong to the five aggregates; In inaction, let alone nirvana.

If there are two kinds of action and inaction, they are called action.

Unitary 2.

If it is said to me, or that there is love, life, living, etc., it is a name.



Distinguish the differences.


Application 1.

No wish.

In doing something, I have seen the failure, I have seen the suffering, and I have no wish; There is no wish, so the door of no wish liberation is established..

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