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7 boat variants to test the core strength of advanced yoga. Come and challenge!

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Marilyn Monroe loves this yoga pose.

Are you sure you don’t want to try it? Practicing boat pose can not only effectively reduce abdominal fat, but also strengthen waist and back strength.

Marilyn Monroe was also a yoga lover and a faithful practitioner of Yoga boat pose.

So Xiaobian shares 7 boat variants to fully test the deep core strength of yoga practitioners.

If you like yoga, hurry to challenge it! 01 enter from the half boat pose, pay attention to the sitting bone landing, rotate the pelvis forward, keep the waist and back straight, tighten the core, put both hands on both sides of the body, stay for 5 breaths, straighten both legs, enter the full boat pose, stay for 5 breaths 02 keep in the preparation position of the half boat pose, tighten the core, Keep your waist and back straight, your hands and legs move up and down with your breathing, keep dynamic exercises for 12 times 03 keep in the preparation position of half boat, put your hands together and exhale in front of your chest, twist your body to the right, inhale and restore, exhale twist to the left, keep dynamic exercises for 12 times 04 continue to keep in the preparation position of half boat, exhale, tighten the core, straighten your left leg forward, straighten your right hand backward, inhale and restore exhale, Keep your right leg straight forward and your left hand backward for 12 dynamic exercises 05 from half boat preparation, exhale and tighten the core, hold the front of your legs with both hands, roll back and inhale, and return to half boat.

This action is a great test of core strength.

Keep dynamic exercises for 12 times 06 continue to exhale in the ready position of half boat, tighten the core, and keep your body back and waist close to the ground, Above the shoulder blades, keep your legs straight off the ground, stay about 30 degrees off the ground for 3 breaths, restore the half boat pose, maintain the dynamic practice for 5-8 times 07 maintain the preparation position of the half boat pose, put your hands on your knees, exhale, tighten your core, straighten your waist and back, straighten your legs, inhale, restore, and maintain the dynamic practice for 12 times tips: in order to practice the boat pose, in addition to rotating your pelvis forward to make your sitting bones better on the ground, The back can be more straight, and practicing boat style needs to fully tighten the core and start the hip flexion strength of iliopsoas muscle! Therefore, a yoga pose can test which links of your body need to be strengthened! (picture and text source network.

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