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8 yoga postures to practice the perfect back curve!

The back is thick and old.

Don’t want aunt’s back.

Try these yoga poses to strengthen back muscles, tighten back lines and practice back killing! 1.

Lie on your back, put your hands on both sides of your body, bend your knees, put your feet close to your hips, lift your hips up, lift your chest up, and put your hands with ten fingers under your body to maintain five respiratory effects: enhance the front thigh, hip and back muscles, improve blood circulation and improve spinal awareness.


Sit and stand on the reverse table, with both feet the same width as the hip, bend the knees, put both hands behind the body, fingers apart, fingertips facing the feet, relax the head, lift the hips up in line with the knees and shoulders, and the knees are directly above the ankles to maintain five respiratory effects: strengthen the front thigh muscles, back and neck muscles, and flexible shoulder and hip joints.


Tiger type 2 bench type legs, open both hands with the same width as the hip, exhale on the vertical pad surface of the arm thigh, lift the right leg upward, keep the body stable, straighten the left arm and keep 5 breaths.

Side changing effect: strengthen the muscle strength and core of the legs, back and arms.


Locust lie prone on the cushion surface, put both hands on both sides of the body, open both feet the same width as the hip, inhale and prepare to exhale.

Both hands are backward and upward at the same time, and the palms of both hands are opposite.

Look straight ahead and maintain five breathing effects: enhance the awareness of back muscles and spine, and stretch chest and abdominal muscles.


Lie on the dog’s stomach, put your hands on your chest, inhale on both sides, open your chest, push your shoulders up directly above your wrists, straighten your instep, and effectively push the inner side of your thighs up to maintain five breathing effects: enhance the spine and improve back stiffness and pain.


Single leg downward dog pose, basic downward dog pose, abdominal adduction, sitting bone upward, right leg upward and backward, hip straightening, two fingers open and compact the ground, and keep the left heel on the ground for 5 breaths as far as possible.

Side effects: flexible hip, stretch hamstring muscles, front flexors, and strengthen back and shoulder muscles.


In the wild pose, raise the right leg from the downward dog pose to the single leg downward dog pose.

At the same time, open the hip to the right and turn the body to the ceiling.

The toes of the right foot fall to the ground, extend the right arm to the right and straighten the left arm to maintain 8 breaths.

Side effects: make the wrist, arm and shoulder stronger and stretch the psoas muscle.

By opening the chest and stretching the sides of the body.


If the plow cervical spine is bad, avoid this posture.

Lie on your back on the ground, put your hands on the side of the body, bend your knees, close your legs together, lift your legs up and back, touch the toes of your feet to the ground, straighten your legs, hips up, back up, spine extension, palms of both hands support your back, or put it on the ground.

Function: stretch back muscles, stimulate spinal nerves, and massage abdominal organs.

These movements can exercise back strength, strengthen the flexibility of the back, and keep practicing, so the back will naturally become thinner.

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