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A 10 minute Yoga sequence, flexible spine & stretching legs, super easy to use!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Looking forward to inactivity at home, your body has become stiff, your legs have become thicker, and your meat has become more…

It’s better to give yourself 10 minutes to practice this simple yoga pose, flexible spine & stretch your legs.

Through gentle twisting, you can also help thin waist and promote digestion! 1.

Bend your arms forward Stand with your feet together, inhale and extend your spine Exhale, bend forward and extend your back Hold your elbows with both hands, and your head will sag naturally Stretch the back of the leg and keep 5-8 breaths.


Strengthen the side extension The right foot is in front and the left foot is behind, one leg apart Inhale to extend the spine and exhale to fold forward Push your thighs back and your chest forward Put your palms on the ground with your fingertips back Find the lower leg with the tip of the nose and maintain 5-8 breaths.


Strengthen lateral extension + torsion Stretch from the strengthening side and prepare for inhalation Exhale, twist your body to the right, and center your hips Put your left hand on the outside of your right foot and lift your right arm up Relax your shoulders, keep 5-8 breaths, change to the opposite side 4, triangle Stand with your feet about one leg apart The right foot is pointed to the right and the left heel is slightly abducted Inhale, hold your hands flat on your side and extend your side waist Exhale, bend your body to the right, chest and navel forward Hold the right palm on the inside of the right foot and lift the left hand up Turn your head to the top and keep 5-8 breaths From the triangle, inhale and extend the spine Exhale your left hand back, circle your back and support your right leg Turn your chest forward and relax your shoulders Keep 5-8 breaths and repeat 6.

Warrior 1 variant on the opposite side The right foot is in the front and the left foot is in the back, separated by more than one leg Abduct the tip of the left foot, inhale and extend the spine upward Exhale, bend your right knee and sink your hip down Lift your left arm up and hold your left leg back with your right hand Fully twist the spine, relax the shoulders and look behind the eyes Keep 5-8 breaths and Practice on the opposite side.


Kneel and pray The right foot is in front and the lower leg is vertical to the ground The left foot is behind, the thigh is vertical, and the instep of the lower leg is close to the ground Inhale to extend the spine and fold your hands in front of your chest Exhale and twist your body to the right, with your left arm against your right knee Keep your eyes on the top and keep 5-8 breaths.


Turn + twist Pull your feet back and separate your feet about one leg long Straighten the rear legs, tighten the thighs and lift up Keep 5-8 breaths, change the opposite side and repeat it.

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