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After reading the 20 open yoga poses, I almost doubt life!

Check Yoga knowledge every day.

Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce 10 open and hanging yoga postures to GA people.

They are not as difficult as ordinary.

They test the flexibility, strength, balance and stability of the body.

If your body is ready, if you want to further explore the challenge, you might as well challenge it! 1.

Arm support + torsion.

Extreme torsion of the body requires a strong core.

2 elbow support + torsion requires the opening of the core, arm and hip.

3 elbow support + body side opening is a test of body side opening and leg flexibility.

4 one legged camel + grasping big toe requires the opening of thigh, hip and chest, as well as balance.

5 side plate + crotch pose, putting the sole of the foot into the armpit requires extreme opening of the hip and balance.

6 one leg shoulder handstand looks very simple.

If the back of one leg and hip are not opened, it is not easy to be so straight.

7 lizard type variant, GA people with thick thighs do this more, and the effect of stretching the front of thighs is good.

The opening of the hips and shoulders and the torsion of the spine are stable and powerful.

9 the lizard variant has two arms to keep the four column support in the right position, and also needs to open the legs.

10 one hand one leg down dog, one hand one leg down dog, keep the other side in the right position.

Have you finished your down dog? The experts really want to try…

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