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Anatomical atlas of yoga postures | D10 – enhanced side extension

Many people don’t understand how yoga postures enter, exit, and what is positive? Starting today, Xiaobian will share a set of Anatomy Atlas of yoga postures with the gays, including muscle force, force direction, positive position, posture details, etc., to help them better understand yoga, better know what positive position practice is, and how to stretch the muscles of the body to build your joints and build awareness and perception of the body! 10.

Strengthen the reference of side extension and read the anatomical atlas of yoga pose | D9 – anatomical atlas of Eagle yoga pose | D8 – anatomical atlas of rotary side angle yoga pose | D7 – it is not easy to organize the side angle extension.

I hope the people will keep practicing and live up to the time! If you like the above articles, forward and share them with more Jia people.

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