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Ancient Dharma health yoga class: harmony of yin and Yang, both inside and outside

People often say that “years never defeat beauty”, but in fact, when you don’t pay attention, years will leave traces on you.

In his 20s, the first fine lines appeared in the corners of his eyes, and “aging” was ready to go.

Once I stayed up for a night or two and could make up for it by sleeping during the day.

Now, if you waste a night, you have to make up for it by day and night.

In his 30s, his skin began to relax, his figure began to lose shape, and the traces of “aging” became more and more obvious.

I used to eat and drink.

As long as I exercise frequently, I can always keep my body less out of shape.

Now, once you open your belly, it takes months to lose weight.

In his 40s, his physical function decreased and his metabolism slowed down.

“Aging” officially appeared.

Once walked like flying, climbing several floors without much breathing.

Now, I feel tired when I go shopping for an hour.

It is more common to have backache and sleepy legs.

What makes “aging” advance? What makes “aging” faster? Diet: irregular, unsanitary, greasy, irritating, etc.

Work and rest: stay up late for entertainment or work, lack of sleep or reversal of black and white, etc.

Stress: work, life, study and other potential or invisible burdens.

Environment: air, water quality, soil, etc To some extent, even if the age of 25 is a preparatory stage for the physical appearance to aging, you will obviously feel the change of physical function.

“As women grow older, they become fat, ugly and old.

The core root is that the Yin and Yang of the body are out of balance!” What is yin? What is Yang? The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine says: “the foundation of life is Yin and Yang”, and according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, everything is divided into yin and Yang.

As far as the human body is concerned: Qi is Yang and blood is Yin; The body surface is Yang and the body is Yin; The upper body is Yang and the lower body is Yin; The back is Yang and the abdomen is Yin; The six Fu organs belong to the surface, which transmit chemicals without hiding, so the Fu organs are Yang; The five internal organs belong to the internal organs, which store essence and Qi without diarrhea, so the internal organs are Yin Although the human body is complex, in the final analysis, it is divided into two kinds of energy: one is Yin and the other is Yang.

These two energies are constantly changing and declining, which leads to people’s life, old age, disease and death.

Therefore, if women want to resist aging and become beautiful, they should be radiant and slim, full of blood and youth.

The key is – “Yin Yang energy balance”! Traditional Chinese medicine stresses that women’s beauty gains and losses with the growth and decline of yin and yang energy of the body.

Yin Qi is a woman’s life.

Women become ugly and old, which is rooted in “Yin deficiency, weak blood and loss of five zang organs”.

Too much Yin Qi leads to decreased physical function, and is prone to symptoms such as palace cold, cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, insomnia and dreaminess; Yang Qi is the root of women.

The root of women’s fat and weak body lies in “lack of vitality and lack of spirit”.

Lack of Yang Qi, easily tired when moving, fat when eating or not, and sick from time to time The blood is not circulating and the meridians are blocked.

It is 20 years old, but it seems 50 years old.

Simply put: when Yin and yang are balanced, Qi and blood will be filled, and when Yin and yang are unbalanced, Qi and blood will be deficient.

Women with imbalance of yin and Yang will lose shape, face premature aging, energy decline, many diseases, and even prematurely usher in menopause! If you don’t take good care of yourself from the inside, it’s useless to use expensive skin care products and exercise hard.

It’s difficult to last long.

After understanding the root cause of the problem, the next step is to solve the problem.

The characteristics of female yin-yang balance are: ① sufficient Qi and blood; ② Energetic; ③ Five zang organs are healthy; ④ Radiant and slim.

The simplest and effective way to balance yin and Yang and restore physical vitality is yoga.

As a standard exercise for health preservation, “Yoga” has a wide variety of factions, such as Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, flow yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga Yin / yang yoga postures can effectively help promote the balance of yin and Yang in women: Yang Yoga: turn on the body energy switch, comprehensively improve body function, accelerate fat metabolism, detoxify, reduce fat and shape a good helper; Yin Yoga: deeply nourish, dredge the meridians, repair the viscera, promote blood circulation in the pelvic region, maintain the breast, restore the function of ovary and uterus, and fill the old with Qi and blood! The combination of dynamic and static, the harmony of yin and Yang, nourish the five internal organs from the inside, fill with Qi and blood, slim and shape from the outside, and rejuvenate! The body is young and the beauty is not old.

How much money you spend on injections and skin care products can’t be replaced! If you want to avoid the sickle of years and become beautiful and thin easily, you might as well join this yoga trip! This time, we can practice at home without private teaching or applying for group classes.

We invited teacher Dai Ruo, a Chinese Female Yoga pioneer with 23 years of yoga experience.

Bring this “20 sessions of Yin Yang harmony Yoga: Yin Yang Yoga + traditional Chinese medicine diet, nourishing yin and fixing Yang, brightening your face and slimming your body”.

Women’s maintenance is to maintain the “balance of yin and Yang”, the magic weapon of women’s youth! 23-year-old female maintenance Yoga pioneer, 40-year-old 2-child Baoma, vigorous anti age goddess.

Hello, I’m Dai Ruo.

Many people will say that I am several years younger when they see me, and all this benefits from yoga! Since 1995, I have been engaged in yoga for 23 years.

During this period, I majored in Female Yoga, went deep into the teaching of Asian women’s physiological period, pregnancy, parent-child, pelvis and women’s health, and went to India for further study several times.

Later, Ruo Yoga college was founded and began offline professional teaching.

A large number of professional yoga coaches were trained all over the country, and hundreds of thousands of ordinary women who wanted to become beautiful and younger were also guided.

He is currently the Chinese Yoga consultant of Macao Yoga Association and the whole yoga instructor of “China Yoga Online” sys.

His teaching strength has been recognized by both students and the industry..

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