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    —– Ignore the following and fill in the content—–            ” Jiang stopped the wind and said calmly.

He couldn’t look sincere.

   It’s a matter of burning money and not seeing a return in a short time.

Although Shen Nan said he wanted to help, her husband and wife were finally sorry.

” She smiled with a sly face.

” Jiang stopped the wind, changed the bowl in another direction, and drank from the side without a gap.

   “Hello, aunt.

I’m brother Saburo’s friend.

   Gu yunlang looked at his brocade clothes, but he didn’t mind that their small yard was dirty and messy.

He felt that he was friendly.

   “Little buckwheat.

   “I really came to see brother Saburo.

I’m his friend.

   Is this what Shen Nan said about another person from a different world? Although the two contents are different, they have something in common.

So early this morning, he drove to Qingshan town and asked many people before finally blocking a backer.

   “I really came to see brother Saburo.

I’m his friend.

   “Oh, brother Saburo, don’t do it.

Business can’t be benevolent and righteous.

Besides, we are like people.”    Seeing that he was not angry at all, he still regarded himself as an adult.

Gu Xiaoqiao had no place to use when he was angry, so he had to hum to him and turned back to the room.

   “I really came to see brother Saburo.

I’m his friend.


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