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Beautiful appearance: the matching of vest and yoga pants, the solid color matching is easy and good-looking, which perfectly covers the

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It is very important to choose all clothes according to your figure, that is, choose the clothes you want to buy according to your figure.

The same is true for yoga pants.

If your figure is not very good, Then give up yoga pants, which will show the shortcomings of your body.

If the legs are straight and the proportion of large and small legs is very good, the girl can choose a pair of yoga pants.


Color it is very important to choose the right color when wearing clothes.

For example, people with dark skin need to choose a color that can show white; The girl then needs to choose a color that can show thin.

Choosing a black pants is the most appropriate.

Black pants can not only show white, but also show thin visually.

Therefore, you can choose a black yoga pants, and black yoga pants are also very good to match.

Matching 1.


It is found that more and more people like to use vest to match yoga pants, which looks very sporty and energetic.

When matching black yoga pants, you can choose the same dark vest, black or dark gray.


The wearing of shoes with vests actually has a casual style, so you can choose a pair of casual shoes.

It is worth noting that the color of shoes must be darker, such as gray or black.

You can choose a pair of dark gray mesh casual shoes, which are comfortable and breathable, and match the color of your clothes.

While you are still young, try a new style of dressing boldly.

When you go to work, you have no time to dress up.

At that time, you can’t wear the clothes you want to wear at will, so you can try the wearing method of vest and yoga pants…

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