Beginner Yoga, this simple Yin Yoga is the most suitable!

Yoga is not in yoga, or focus on yoga at the beginning.

What Yoga should we start from? Everyone has different preferences, but Yin Yoga is really a good choice.

In a yin yoga class, there are not many movements.

Each pose is explained more carefully.

It is maintained for a long time in the pose.

The teacher will pay more attention to internal guidance.

Today I recommend a simple set of Yin Yoga stretching, which is very suitable for beginners.

A set of entry-level Yin Yoga ↓↓↓ action 1: sit up, straighten the right leg to the front right, bend the left leg, keep the left heel under the navel, support the ground with both hands, extend the spine, keep breathing for several times, then fold forward slowly, keep the spine extended as far as possible, support the ground with the elbows down, and completely relax the head for 3 minutes.

Action 2: on the basis of the previous asana, extend the spine, sit straight and turn to the right, Fold the small arm to the right thigh and hold it for 3 minutes.

Action 3: on the basis of the previous asana, sit straight and extend the spine, then extend to the right, open the chest with the right elbow on the outside of the right knee, hold it for 3 minutes, and repeat the above three actions on the other side.

Relax: sit up, bend your knees with both hands back, and let your knees land to the left, Then slowly repeat action 4 to the right side and left and right for 5 times: sit up, straighten the right leg forward, bend the left leg, step on the outside of the right knee, twist to the left, press the right elbow against the outside of the left knee, and hold the left hand on the back for 3 minutes.

Side change action 5: bend the legs, touch the soles of the feet, open and sink the knee in front of the abdomen, and fold the body forward, Keep the small arms on the ground for 3 minutes.

Action 6: sit up, keep your legs straight and close together, keep your hands on the ground back, with your fingertips facing back, extend your chest upward, and relax your head back for 3 minutes.

Action 7: lie down, keep your small arms on the ground, align your elbows with your shoulders, lift your head up, and keep it up for 3 minutes.

Action 8: on the basis of the previous pose, keep your hands on the ground, your fingertips facing outward, and keep your arms straight, Relax and extend the back of the neck for 3 minutes.

Action 9: support the ground with the elbows again, relax and maintain the back of the head for 3 minutes.

Relaxation action: big toes close together, heels separate, hips sit, heels and knees separate, chest in the middle of the knees, hands extend forward, forehead relax and maintain for 3 minutes.

Action 10: finally, relax in the push out posture, lie on your back, legs open, Palm up for 10 minutes, Yin Yoga can help repair body energy.

After a day’s work, your body is tired.

It’s best to come to Yin Yoga.

If you practice before going to bed, it can also help improve sleep quality! ▼ teacher wechat ▼ recent good articles ▼ today’s preferred Yoga people are watching..

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