Casual Yoga Pants add a lot of color to you, show beautiful feet, exquisite and vivid!

Casual Yoga Pants add color to you, show beautiful feet, exquisite and vivid.

Yoga pants are easy to match, but in fact, there are some items that can highlight the temperament of the wearer.

How should we choose and match these items? Since the beginning of fashion, there are always one or two pairs of yoga pants in the wardrobe.

In addition to the basic matching of yoga pants, if you can change some yoga pants of different styles, you can increase the chance of looking good.

Today, Xiaobian takes you to see how female stars choose yoga pants and how they usually match items.

In the daily collocation of diri Reba, many people still stay in collocation with black-and-white yoga pants, and there is no bright spot in color collocation.

In addition to some adjustments in color collocation, diri Reba can make her overall collocation very brilliant by collocation with a variety of yoga pants.

Different colors of yoga pants have different colors and different collocations, especially black, which can make Reba look cool.

At the same time, black Yoga Pants highlight Reba’s face contour.

Dirieba’s clothes are mostly black.

Even if you don’t know how to match them, you can choose to wear them in the same color, which will make the overall matching look more harmonious.

Rihanna Rihanna matches clothes with yoga pants.

Most of them wear white broken flower yoga pants, but sometimes they also match yoga pants of different colors and styles.

For example, when wearing white broken flower yoga pants, Rihanna prefers to wear colored yoga pants, which will look fresher.

If you can learn Rihanna’s collocation method, you can match a white Yoga Pants first, and then wear a different dress and shoes, otherwise this method is too simple.

Song Jia, Song Jia is now performing girl style yoga pants, which are particularly tall and thinner.

Match with jacket and shorts to lengthen the leg lines and wear long legs.

If you want to match with a jacket, you can choose a tight bottomed shirt or vest, which should not exceed the knee.

In addition, many of Song Jia’s clothes are color matching design, yellow against pink, pink against blue, blue against gold.

Many color matching clothes look good, but it should be noted that they must be consistent as a whole, which will make the whole matching feel better in style.

Gao Yuanyuan, Gao Yuanyuan, because of her figure, some stars will choose low-key colors, which can better highlight her temperament, such as black and black bags, which look good no matter how they are matched.

If you need, you can also choose gray.

Gray bags are also eye-catching and look good with leather clothes.

Zuer Zuer is tall.

Many of her yoga pants are in sharp contrast with the same color yoga pants, and she has a sense of hierarchy.

Zu’er’s color collocation is very characteristic.

She will choose a high collar bottomed shirt with a shirt.

Both collocations are contrasting colors, which makes her face look neat.

Zuer will wear some pieces with a sense of design, such as a black bottomed shirt, and then match it with a long gray pants, which makes her look very stylish.

Yao Chen’s yoga pants are changeable.

Although Yao Chen’s style is tall, thin and small, Yao Chen still pays attention to the sense of design when matching clothes.

Yao Chen’s yoga pants are mostly large color block tops, which can be perfectly integrated with her figure…

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