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Cecilia Cheung takes Yoga photos, shows the curve in her navel vest, and a pair of slender legs

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Please rest assured to pay attention On the morning of September 3, Cecilia Cheung came to the gym for morning exercise and posted a group of Yoga photos on the social network, which attracted hot discussion among netizens.

In the photo, Cecilia Cheung is wearing a sports vest with shorts and a ball head.

She lies on her side on the floor and takes a selfie.

She generously shows her beautiful figure.

Her slender legs are quite eye-catching.

Although she is 41 years old, Cecilia Cheung’s whole body is thin and slim.

She doesn’t see the shadow of fat at all.

She can’t see that she is a mother who has given birth to three children.

It can be seen that Cecilia Cheung takes fitness very seriously, does all kinds of yoga movements easily and in place, and has amazing flexibility.

Cecilia Cheung also introduced her fitness methods to everyone.

She did Yoga first and then swimming.

She said that her lower legs were thick and slowly found some ways to thin legs.

Previously, Cecilia Cheung also aired a video of herself dancing with a fitness coach.

In the video, Cecilia Cheung wore tight pants and looked like a member of the women’s League.

She had no sense of age at all.

I have to say that Cecilia Cheung is very strict in managing her body.

The day before yesterday, Cecilia Cheung also dried her own “afternoon tea” on the social network.

It was just a lunch box of boiled broccoli without seasoning.

With such healthy eating habits, no wonder Cecilia Cheung can maintain such a good figure! After afternoon tea, Cecilia Cheung aired a video of riding home with her second son, Xiao Q.

at the age of 11, Xiao Q kept a clever student’s head and appeared on the camera with a smile.

The mother and son leaned closely together and chatted happily in English.

The picture was very warm.

As a mother of three sons, Cecilia Cheung will continue to improve herself and educate her son with her own practice.

Early in the morning, Cecilia Cheung appeared in the gym and wrote with great emotion: “I think people don’t study for study.

I often tell my son that you don’t return to school because you return to school, but learn some new knowledge every day.” Cecilia Cheung hopes that her son’s study is to “change herself yesterday and face herself tomorrow”, so she also likes to learn some new things in the morning and enjoys it very much.

She also teases her son that he is still sleeping sweetly in bed without any worry.

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